Top 14 Reasons To Start Mercury Chelation

This might be the most important thing that you have even done for your health. You have to understand that mercury is a pure poison. Here are top ….. reasons why you should start mercury chelation

  • You are most probably poisoned by mercury, you probably have or had mercury fillings in your mouth of receive any kind of shots as a kid or adult (yes they contain mercury)
  • if you eat fish before, you most probably have mercury poisoning
  • mercury stays in the body, it attacks your nervous system, bones, joints, soft tissue etc
  • chelating is super easy these days, and cheap, learn how to do it for cheap like I do
  • you will most likely quickly feel better and have permanent results
  • mercury chelation with protocol I am doing is quick, easy and effective
  • you will have more energy
  • you will feel healthier
  • your brain fog will be gone
  • you will be less anxious
  • you will experience more joy in your life and being less depressed
  • you will sweat easier and do any kind of workout much easier
  • you will become a more polite and less angry person
  • your sleep will improve

I am telling you, chelation is probably the most effective solution for your health problems, besides your diet. I strongly recommend vegan diet with at least 50 % raw smoothies and raw food…


Here are the books I recommend to buy that I use for my chelation, Cutler Mercury Protocol and  Hal A. Huggins


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