Raw Food Diary December 2005

24 Dec 2005 (5th day)

Wow it is one day before Christmas and I am writing this diary. Internet is wonderful thing. I am 30 yo male, smart, beautiful and sick. The last part is the reason I went on a raw diet again. Again?

Yes that is right. I was already on the diet few years ago for 6 month and I quit because of my mother telling me how skinny I was like a skeleton and brainwashing me with these ideas all the time. I was really skinny because of the diet. I weighed only 55 kilos. I lost 20 kilos or something like that.

So now I am trying it again. I have strong heart pain or chest pains and I feel tired all the time. I just came from America, where I eat al the junk food all the time. I really feel sick. I am vegetarian also for already 11 years.

So now I am thinking what is going on. I started the diet 4 days ago and I feel quite good today. Yesterday I had few pains in chest but today I feel good.

These 4 days I ate salad with olive oil, bio apple cider, natural salt, also I ate bananas, oranges, kiwi, nuts, like sesame and almonds and I do not miss the cooked food. Also I didn’t loose any weight yet so this is a miracle. Few years ago when I ate raw I could loose few kilos per day but now I even gained one. I am checking my scale everyday and the kilos are still there. I think my body changed. I hope I will keep the healthy weight.

Also my chest pain are almost gone. My nose is cleared, I used to blow my nose all the time, just blowing and nothing came out, so I never used and paper for that.

SO for now everything is going smoothly. This is my 5th day on 100 % raw and I like it. It is 3 30 am in the morning and I think I have some bananas in the fridge so see you later alligator………….

Weight 90 kilos (still all the weight is here :))
Pulse 80 bpm (my heart is pumping like crazy)

25. December 2005

Hi again. I went to buy new stuff in the shop. I feel I already feel better and I do not loose weight, maybe half of kilo I am not sure. But few years ago I was loosing weight daily when i was on raw diet. Not it is not happening, maybe because I am mostly sitting behind computer.

I ate salad today, carrot and Chinese cabbage plus olive oil, apple cider and salt. Then I ate one mango, few oranges, grapefruit and nothing else. O yeas I ate kaki, I do not know what is the correct word in English.

So everything is going great for now.

Keep you posted, happy Christmas everybody.

27. December 2005

So another day on raw. I do not miss cooked food. I ate today carrot salad with olive oil and vinegar and natural sea salt. Then I ate one avocado, few bananas, oranges etc. I think I can feel pesticides in oranges. We do not have natiral grown fruit here. That is so sad so I can not eat ecological.

But I feel better, I still feel weak in chest with small pain, I hope that is getting better.

29. December 2005

Hi again. I am awake all night working on my computer. Still have chest pain, but slight, I have not loose any weight today. It is amazing. I feel I can easily live on raw food and not to become a skeleton. Maybe the reason is my regular liver flushes and cleanse, so the food can be absorbed more easily. I hope I will reach my goals.

I eat a lot of sesam seeds mixed finely with natural sea salt. It is like gomasio, but gomasio are heated sesam seed and salt.

Today I ate few kiwis, bananas, drink water, didnt eat any salad. I am like sick of salads. I have to get some new recipes, to make smoothies. I have to buy a blender. the one I am making seeds is too small.