Jesus Christ I just bought myself a Vitamix 5200 for 575 Euros

I mean the price is really high!!! But is it Vitamix! I hope it will work long time and give me a lot of great smoothies. But yes I have been in raw foods for many years now. I have even tried to become 100%, did that for 6 full months, but that was 15 years ago, before the internet and everything. So I lost a lot of weight, I was like a dead man walking. I stopped because my teeth were melting away. I did not make any smoothies back then. I ate only salads and fruits.

I tried few years back, I would say 6 years back and I failed again because of my teeth.

But enogh about me, lets talk about Vitamix. I bought it through German ebay. The price is the cheapest I could find around. And every real smoothie nut needs vitamix. That is like the raw food must have. I am using currently some cheap ass blender. I need to start making me some icecreams, maybe some raw food cake and of course fruit smoothies.

Vitamix has the strongest motor and blade, so it completely grinds all the food. I see chunks in my smoothie, not really chunks but the smoothie is not smooth. I am looking forward getting it. I never dished out so much money for some home appliance. Never. Maybe the next step is a juicer or something.

Vitamix must be multimillionare company. I mean everybody is buying this machine. I will post some videos soon. I am looking forward to it.


Vitamix blender

You can buy one on AMAZON USA – exactly the same model I have