DDP Yoga Review

Hi, I started doing Yoga, but not usual lie on the ground and stretch yoga. No, I am doing Diamond Dallas yoga. You know the loud guy who was a pro wrestler few years back. Now he is almost 60 and still in great shape. I saw him doing the scorpion move in the video. He just jumped into it. That requires a lot of strength I must tell you. Even though his muscles vanished from wrestling days, he is still a fit guy. And doing a move like that when you ar almost 60, good luck….

What made me start doing this? The guy is crazy. That is why. And is a very loveable character. He has even a diamond gesture that he has patented in yoga video. Diamond Dallas is a funny guy.

I have two versions of this yoga on DVD. One is with only 2 videos. The other has several videos and pdf document included. I came back from Brazil, and my knees started to hurt. I suspect the bad nutrition in Brazil and also bad running Asics Noosa shoes that were not made for my pronation, and they damaged my knees and hips.

However, this yoga is very simple to understand and do if you are in shape. I would say it is for every person that is under 50, but also other people that are fit and into yoga, fitness and are over 50 years old.

Basically, he has like 20 different yoga moves, that really flex your muscles and make you sweat. The duration of videos is 30 – 60 minutes, one is 70 minutes. He mix all these moves in each video. Each move is really well explained. He shows each move from both angles. The guys really wants you to do it right.

It is recommended to do yoga for 30 minutes few times per week, not every day. But I do it everyday anyway.

It is very light for your joints, hips etc. You really flex your body good. And there is no strain on your hips, joints, you are only stretching your muscles.

He recommends using a heart beat monitor, to keep your heart in your heart rate zone, which is 180, minus your age and minus 20 again. My zone is around 120 bpm. In that zone, you are burning fat really fast. You can achieve that by doing muscle resistance moves that really jack up your heart rate quickly.

Diamond Dallas guides you through the workout really fast. It is never boring. I am dong this for like two weeks now. Sometimes I have to stop in the half of the video and stop the video. I am pretty fit guy, but yes I start to sweat pretty bad and get tired.

That will improve and soon I will be able to go through the video without any rest.

DDP yoga is perfect also for people who are not so flexible, because Diamond Dallas encourages you to tailor each move to your needs, so you will be able to do it. I think yoga is much better than any other fitness program. I just love it.

The moves are standard, hand-picked by Dallas, so he did not invent anything new. However, this program is much easier then the Jillian Yoga that I will review later. That yoga program is even tougher.

I did not change any diet. I am vegan, 50 % raw but still overweight. After two weeks, I feel better, feel stronger, and this program really stretches your back, legs, etc. You really feel better. Dallas claims that it is perfect also for people with joint injuries, arthritis, etc. I think you will feel better and healthier doing DDP yoga.

I love it because of Dallas, he is a cool guy. He used to be so strong, throwing other wrestlers around, etc. Usually most of the wrestlers have fake hips, knees, I think Diamond is still doing well without artificial joints thanks to yoga. For example, Hulk has both knees replaced, had several back surgeries, etc.

The program is full of funny moments like “stretch your thumbs; nobody want to have fat thumbs” then “hulk it up”

Easy to do:4 Stars (4 / 5)
Health effect:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Price:4 Stars (4 / 5)
Fun:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Average:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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