Manduka Mat Is The Worse Mat I Ever Came Across

I mean I am so disappointed by this mat. I have the Manduka Lite model, and I hate it. Some people praise it in the net; some people hate it. I have been reading official comments on Manduka site, and so many people complained about how slippery Manduka mat is.

And I confirm this 100%. I mean this is just funny. I Don’t know what is wrong with people who claim Manduka mats are perfect for Yoga? They are slippery as hell.

As soon as you start doing yoga asanas, you start to slip all over the mat. Some people start using a towel on top of Manduka mat, just to prevent slippage. That is just ridiculous! The customer service even gave some tips that the mat needs to break in. WOW!!

Another tip was to leave it on the sun. Then scrub it with salt!!!

I mean this company is just a joke. I am so angry at an old cow, who promoted and was selling these mats on youtube and claimed how well they were. NEVER believe people who sell and make a profit from products. They will always lie.

Read the complaints from customers on Amazon site below. I mean it is just ridiculous. Manduka manufacturer should be ashamed. It is hard to do yoga on the mat, because of slippage. IT IS ALSO VERY DANGEROUS! You can easily sprain a muscle or hurt yourself.

This must be the worse mat I have ever tried and the most expensive too.

Here are just few comments from Amazon users:

  • Slip-n-slide Toward Heartbreak
  • Slip sliding away
  • major disappointment
  • This Mat Stinks — Literally!
  • 2 years to date… still stinky, still slippery
  • Slippery, stinky, heavy
  • Slippery


They even came out with new “improved model” and still people complain about the smell, slippage……