Switched from DDP Yoga To P90X3

I have been doing DDP yoga now for several months. I did at least 3 to 4 times per week. But haven’t lost any weight. I became more flexible, tha tis for sure. But I wanted to loose weight. THat was my primary goal.

And I am vegan, so my diet is very clean, 50% raw at least.

At the end I was doing full 55 minutes workout of DDP Yoga. IT was exhausting but I made it through. 55 minutes seem alot, but you forget about the time. And you sweat a lot. The sweating begins at 30 minutes. Like all the pores open up.

If I could loose any weight I would still be doing it.

So I switched to popular P90X3 workout with Tony Horton.

I completed the first week. I did not loose any weight, but P90X3 is so more versatile. DDP yoga is just yoga on steroids.

Today I just finished P90X3 yoga for the fist time. Only 30 minutes, I was able to finish it with no pause, because of previous DP yoga. I can say P90X3 yoga is much easier. With DDP you test your strength because of slow movements, slow push-ups and stuff.

But here P90X3 just uses totally regular yoga moves and no slow moves at all. So it is much easier.

I wonder how will I manage to loose any weight with P90X3, it is only 30 minutes a day.

I really hope this will work for me. I am tired of being 240 pounds. SIck and tired already. In the last 10 years I have been struggling with weight. Now I am at the top, 240 pounds, or 110 kilos, that is too much.