Results after 30 days of P90X3

I am disappointed. I missed only one day of doing p90x3. It seems to me it i just marketing! All the results, having six pack after 90 days. You betcha. I lost one kilo only. I am not sure if that is because of eating less or doing p90x3.

I was so motivated when I started doing p90x3. But today I compared images before and after and I see no change whatsoever. I even bought a pullup bar for god sake.

I thought I will loose at least 3 or 4 kilos. I was struggling with DDP yoga, loosing nothing in 6 months. Now P90X3 after 30 days and I see no results. I wanted to have more form in my muscles, did not get any. I sweated a lot, you can see many videos after doing P90X3 on my youtube channel.

So I am really thinking that it is all about supplements and eating really much less. Because my diet is vegan, really healthy. 50% raw food every day.

I will go on with 90 days of P90X3, I mean the workoug is really good. But what else can you expect from 30 minutes per day? I was thining Horton really made a miracle workout. But noooooo, the results really are not realistic.

Those test people that did P90X3 I really don’t beleive they lost so much weight only with P90X3.

I will update you again after 60 days of doing P90X3

p90x3 after 30 days p90x3 after 30 days p90x3 after 30 days

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