Am I getting 6 pack for the first time in my life?

I was just watching myself in the mirror and I could see better defined 6 packs. Something that can become real sixpack in the future. I saw definition, that i never had till now. I am still doing P90x3 each day. It will be almost 4 months now.

And I am down to 104,8 kilos, getting there…..

What is interesting is that I can over eat on a specific day, my weight goes up to 106 or 107  but 1 day later. I am back to 105….. Very strange. Before I needed more time to get back down to previous weight. Apparently my increased weight is possibly because of food eaten, that is residing in my body? Or not? Am I so quick gaining and burning fat cells.

For example on Friday I ate big loaf of bread, with some vegan sausage. After day or two i felt really heavy, my stomach, knees…. I was shocked my weight jumped to 108, but after 2 days I am back to minimal 104.8.

My conclusion is that I can cheat, and eat bad, like bread for god sake sometimes and not suffer permanent consequences.

So that is good. And meanwhile my bottom weight is getting lower and lower so even if I over eat, I will always come back down to lower and lower weight.

I freaked out 2 days ago, when my weight increased, but today, I am at minimum, only 2 days left, eating normal like always.