Psychiatry – Money Hungry Machine

Just another great video that explains how these assholes invent new and new diseases so they have a reason to sell drugs to people. Psychiatry is a 80 billion USD per year business. Money hungry shrinks are just waiting and waiting for the next person to sell them drugs and to make them dependant on drugs.

I mean there are even new diseases like addiction to internet, that needs to be corrected with side effect infested psych drugs.

When will these animals pay for all the suffering they caused.

I mean they even drug small babies and diagnose them with bipolar disorder.

People even think that it is fashionable to take drugs with serious side effects.

Beware of this horrid money hungry industry that labels at least 50 % of people mentally ill that needs to be on drugs.

For god sake they even label women during the menstrual cycle and their attitude change, which is kind of normal, because the hormonoes are running wild at that period. They call it premenstrual dysphoric disorder.