How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Recently, I have been through the eye test. I wanted to see how much my vision is impaired. I try to avoid wearing glasses when I am not driving. However, here is what I got from the eye doc.

I have to tell you that my eyesight suddenly worsened 15 years ago. That day, I just felt my vision is really worsened. And I know why. I was really sensitive to EMF radiation from old cathode monitors. You know the old bulky monitors there came out before LCD monitors.

Each time I watched something on that monitor, my throat hurt. I became angry. My eyes itched, burned, and I will not even mention other things. I am also EMF measuring expert, so I know how EMF can be dangerous. Especially old cathode monitors because they emitted a really different kind of EMF fields. However, I don’t want to get into that in this article.

I am just posting this result I got from doc, and I have been avoiding those monitors ever since. My eyesight basically did not worsen. I avoided those big monitors like a plague. I replaced it with LCD later, that saved me. Before that I could not work on a computer for more than 30 minutes. However, with LCD, I can be on my laptop all day long.

Basically, nobody uses those monitors anymore, only if your boss is a cheap bastard, or if you work in government, you might still have to use those prehistoric monitors. I suggest buying a LCD yourself. They are cheap as dirt these eye vision