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OK here are my results. Looking at teh front shots, ther is not so much difference. But looking at sideshot, you can see my belly is much smaller. I guess there is where all the fat is stored. I feel much better. When I started P90X3 three months ago, I was obese. I am still fat. I have never had so much weight in my life. I did not workoug for one year and I just balloned up. I am vegan, but still fat. WHo says all vegans are lean?

I feel I can move much better. Having 113 kilos is horrible for your body. You can hardly move, imagine people being morbidly obese.

Beside P90X3 I used also Faster EFT tapping, which I am a certified practitioner. Tapping helped if I felt I was too lazy to workout. SO I tapped and it worked. I missed only 1 workout in 90 days. That is a persisitence.

I am still loosing weight. It is not all because of P90X2, but I would say 70%. I eat pretty much the same food. I ditched 2 bars of vegan chocolate per week. That is it. And the weight is going down really quick. I was 113 kilos 3 months ago, now I am 106, 105, it depends.

30 minutes is really not a lot of time. But doing 1 hour per day, that would be hard for me. Tony Horton is a smart guy, putting such great ecercises togethr. I applaude him. I even eat cookies not sometimes, that my mom bakes. And some sweets, and still loose weight. Before I avoided al sweets. I also eat some icecream, here and there. And of course eating as much as possible raw ice cream all the time. Check how to make ice cream raw here.

For now I am very satisfied with everything. I can eat almost all I want and still loose weight. But I see that I am not so hungry anymore. Food is not so important anymore for me.

SO here are the shots, before and after so you can judge.

Please comment, I would love to hear what you think

Sending love to you

after-90-days-p90x3 after-90-days-sdeways-p90x3


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