Curezone MoneyGrabbers

I was shocked, finally the thruth came out. I thought the Curezone was the best health forum on the net. But even on curezone some individuals can become moneygrabbing bastards.
I was a frequent visitor of Torrie (Harley Girls) Dental forum, where she plugged Mexican (holistic dentist) Morales and tried to send as much people to him for holistic dental amalgam removal.

I know amalgam is a poison and it has to be removed but apparently Morales is a crook, and Torrie a sellout. She knew that Morales was a crook and she still refered patients to him, apparently all because of money. Finally he owed her over 30000 usd and she never got payed.

There is a massive fight going on on CUrezoe forums , people are mad about Torrie, she was deleting all the bad posts about Morales and stuff. So is this root canal therapy (hugins theory just a money grabbing idea) It probabl is not, but the thruth has to come out.

Here is the post that some people posted on Curezone regarding Torrie and Morales
Sorry, long post, but… Enough is enough.
I first posted my testimonial regarding Dr. Javier Morales horrible work (in me and my husband) (please read)
as I kept seeing the insisting propaganda posted for him in this website, and others, (which, I’m sorry to say, but sometimes bordered in some kind of odd Dental Cult).
I don’t want any more people getting hurt unnecessarily!
All the hopeful people, some of them with terrible diseases, that come to cure zone in search of advice (many times generously provided), and have been manipulated and mislead into getting treatment with this person (Morales)… If you are dealing with a very delicate matter, please be careful before following somebody’s advice. Is this person really an expert in the subject? Or is he/she selling something? Etc.
– This post is NOT just based on my opinion, but in facts. The treatment I actually had done at Morales office, the advertisement about him in this website. The deceiving advice provided by a person that knows all the facts.

I have to post again because It breaks my heart to think that Torrie Crocker, consultant (“Aharleygyrl”), as admitted by herself, KNEW about many patients complains (that she covered up), about what she described as Morales “laziness”, poor quality work and EVEN apparent drug use, “COKEHEAD” (in her own words), and even so, kept referring patients to him! SHE KNEW, BUT DIDN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT…
Oh wait!… Actually she did.
– She acknowledges having worked for him for about 5 years, which gave her the chance to see and hear many really “bad things” along the way (drug use?), her own dental work by him being HORRIBLE (loosing teeth even), etc.
– She says she stayed around because the guy stopped paying lately and owed her 30 000 for her very good services, as she was the one that brought in all the patients from the US, using this and other websites, for which she was paid 10%…
What else did she do?

– According to her own story, she ERASED many posts, proof, any evidence offered by other people’s testimonials (like mine) criticizing the Dr. here and in other websites. She also erased or changed her own confessions, which mutate constantly according to her own interests…. (As other people do, I’ve been forced to keep my own record of Torrie’s confessions, as they tend to disappear…)
– To this blatant destruction of the truth, her own and others, she responds with: “he (Morales) made me do it” or “the webmaster did it”, as if this would erase her own responsibility as well…

I won’t say anything about the reasons she had to work for 5 YEARS with a (again her own words) “sociopath” (interesting…) “cokehead”, that was making A LOT of “mistakes” and treated her “like a dog” … I’ll leave that to somebody who has a specialty in Psychology.

What I can say is that there is no excuse for what she has done keeping up the advertisements and referring patients for all this years, to a person SHE KNEW was nothing like the “savior” she presented in her propaganda machine. What’s more, I see no remorse, no regret, no respect, towards the people she sent to this guy and suffered the consequences. Scary.

I feel for Torrie, I really do, and I told her so in the e-mail I sent to her in the hope of collecting the truth about Morales. I feel for her history and the damage (obviously) Mercury did to her. And I feel for her because she doesn’t seem to be able to be an adult. Torrie:
No, it is not other people’s fault.

No, it is not the webmaster responsibility either.
No, it is not a plot to destroy you, or “personal attacks” from “people that hate you”.
This is a serious issue, where you ARE PERSONALLY INVOLVED, due to your OWN choices, decisions and behavior. They all have consequences!

Torrie, please take this a wake up call. Be the “savior” of your own life. Take responsibility for your acts, each and every one of them. You cannot spend your life blaming other people for your mistakes. Try and see if you can connect on an emotional level to the suffering of the people you sent to Morales. The damage for a lot of us is already done, but it would help your own healing to acknowledge your participation in these events and to stop detaching yourself and playing the victim.

It would greatly benefit your peace of mind, your growth as a human being, your pursuit of happiness, or your quest for health, which is all I wish to you and the people in this forum.