Beware Of Vaccines Full Of Mercury (Thimerosal)

Here is a video you must see. Robert Kennedy, one of the mighty Kennedy brothers is speaking out. He even wrote a book about this deadly poison Thimerosal, that vaccine companies still put inside the vaccines to preserve them, make them last longer and of course SAVE MONEY! It is all about money with these monsters. Kennedy talks about how the studies about Thimerosal were fake, but nobody got thrown in jail for god sake!!

On the other hand you see people selling grass spending years in jail. And these companies, that killed many babies with Thimerosal, cause numerous babies get autism, steal money from people, lie to public, they can just walk away. It is all about money. If you are rich, nobody can touch you. Right Mr Cosby?

I am appalled and sick how these pharma companies even fake their studies, still these days, and nobody gets punished. Please watch this video. if you or your family needs to get vaccinated, be sure to choose a Thimerosal free vaccines.

Thimerosal is a 50% mercury based preservative. 300 x more toxic than lead. It is the most toxic substance in the world bside radioactive substances. And still these money hungrly companies, governments allow us getting injected with this poison, just to squeeze more money out of vaccines…Lower cost, higher autism, and brain damage.

Mercury stays in the brain for decades. Brain has not ability to remove the mercury itself. When mercury passes brain barrier, we are f…cked. Mercury then causes all kind of problems, hormones, autism, ticks, ALS, cancer etc….

Please beware of this, beware of Thimerosal in vaccines.