Sauna Detox WIth Niacin

I have been doing this protocol for years, and it always helped me to detox. Years ago, I took some medicines, that completely wrecked my body. And I was searching for a protocol where I can flush these medicines out of my system.

I came across Purification Rundown book. It is a detox protocol from Scientology “church.” I am not a member of Scientology, but I am always taking what is good and refusing what is bad. The book was amazing and it explained how toxins, drugs, medicines stayed in your body for years. They stay in your fatty tissue and never leave you body. So that is why you have this medicine flushes all the time, where the meds are circulating your body, and you are still experiencing the symptoms of meds you took years ago. This is the only thing I love from Scientology.  Other stuff is dangerous and stupid so I advice staying away from.

With Niacin, and sauna you are able to flush this stuff out of your body for good. This protocol is used a lot by people who got poisoned with Agent Orange in Vietnam, then drug addicts, where they can’t get off drugs, and others.

It is a really easy process. What is new that now an Asian doctor called Dr. George Yu is promoting this protocol and explaining how helpful it can be. Furthermore, Mercola is a big fan of this protocol.

Like I said I have been doing this occasionally for 10 years on my own. I stopped two years ago, and I know that some of my symptoms like depression came back. Toxins are directly related to your well being, depression, physical pain, etc.

However, from my experience, it is an on-going process that you can do in your home or elsewhere.

Here is how it works.

You take a large dose of Niacin, which is Vitamin B3, which helps fat cells flush out the toxins that are stored inside them. Then the toxins are circulating your body and with Sauna protocol, you are able to flush them out through skin of intestinal tract.

Dr Yu also recommends taking Active Charcoal tablets to help get rid of the toxins after a sauna, because that stuff will bind anything bad, it comes across.

Scientology did not use Charcoal, for some reason, so I am happy Dr Yu mentioned that.

So you start with 150 mg of Niacin, and you work your way up gradually. First week you take 150 mg of Niacin, then next time 300mg…
IT all depends on how much you can tolerate niacin.

Because Niacin will make your skin crawl, you will feel uncomfortable, your skin will become blotchy, will burn, etc…..

IT is called niacin flush, which is safe. Dr Yu mentioned that he never came across a person, that would have side effects from Niacin.

And of course niacin is just a vitamin B3. So you work your dose up to 5 grams, it just depends how well you can tolerate it.

I take like 600 mg each time I go to Sauna. You will feel dizzy of course. So you just sit down on the floor and take a cold shower if possible. I would take more, but till now I did not have large doses of Niacin. I had 100 mg tablets, where I would have to take 50 of them to get my 5 grams dose. But I came across Niacin with 500 mg tablets, where you have to take only 10pieces to get
a 5 gram dose. Which is easy.
So you need to stay in Sauna at least one hour, you can make few brakes.

I am telling you that is the hardest part, staying in a sauna for like one hour. It is very hard. However, this is one of the best detox protocol I ever came across in my life beside Andy Cutler Mercury Chelation Protocol of course….

After the sauna you can take Activated Charcoal, which will pull out the toxins from your GI tract.

Here are two videos that I love, one is from Wolfe, well known Quack, but in this case it is very helpful, and of course Mercola…..

I recommend to buy Niacin on Amazon, where you are sure you get the quality product. You should buy also activated Charcoal of course.