How to cure Candida with betaine HCl and probiotics

If you have problem with GERD, low stomach acid and you have always coating on your tongue that is white or yellowish , you probably have Candida. Candida is the type of yeast that is present in your intestines and can cause all sorts of troubles.

Candida is responsible for many chronic ailments like for example chronic tiredness, dizziness, bad breath, GER D so-called acid reflux, leaky gut syndrome, stomach pain, bloating, and more.

For killing the Candida you can use Betaine HCl with pepsin enzyme. Betaine HCl increases stomach acid so a stomach will contain more acid to fight off Candida yeast. It will also not destroy probiotics that you should day in this process of healing.

Step one

take 500 mg off Betaine HCl on an empty stomach. This is what recommends Mark Hyman. He claims that people overlook the importance of the Betaine HCl. From my personal experience that is true. People think that if you experience acid reflux you must have too much acid in your stomach. But that is not true in fact you don’t have enough acid that is why your food is not digested in stomach and you burp it up into your esophagus. So it is recommended to start with one pill of betaine HCl that is usually 350 mg and then increase the amount gradually. The most I took were two pills at the same time. I’m afraid to take more for now but some people recommends that you take up to treat thousand milligrams of betaine a day. Other people recommend that you take one pill after each meal.

Step two

Take the probiotics supplement one hour after taking betaine HCl. The betaine HCl will increase the acid inside the stomach so the probiotics supplements will be able to do its job. The University of Maryland medical school recommends taking probiotics with at least one to 2 billion live cultures each day.

Step three

Consume probiotic foods like sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt, soy, miso.

Step four

avoid foods that causes Candida to grow. You should definitely avoid as much as possible white sugar, white flour, processed foods, if possible avoid gluten altogether. The foods that contains gluten is all kinds of wheat products, like bread and pasta etc. Consume whole foods, the foods that is not processed, avoid processed salt, by sea salt that is unprocessed instead.