Chelation Therapy

Chelation is the removal of toxic heavy metals in the body. Chelators are traditionally given to people who have some sort of heavy metal poisoning. Chelators can also be used to reverse the effects of arterial blockage caused by plaque. Using chelators in this method is a safe and effective way for heart patients to stay healthy until the need for surgery arises. The chelator used for heart health is ethylene diamine tetra-acetate acid, or EDTA. EDTA comes in many forms such as IV drip, suppository, pill or liquid.

Since EDTA is used to remove heavy metals in the body, it removes calcium from the plaque in the arteries, aiding in the reversal of the effects of blockage. Many of the forms of EDTA can be prohibitively expensive or take a long time to become effective. IV drip EDTA requires that patients attend 30 to 50 sessions over six months. Each of these sessions is at least three hours long and quite expensive. EDTA in suppository form is only available through a doctor’s office and is administered only once a day. The suppository therapy takes four to six months to complete. Quick and Inexpensive EDTA Liquid EDTA, though, is taken orally and costs a fraction of other treatments. The liquid is mixed with the patient’s drinking water and can be taken several times a day.