Chelation – Andy Cutler Protocol Explained

We have a great chance to cure ourselves or improve the health of our bodies.
By removing metals, which are impairing the immune system, the body begins to function properly.
We are full of toxins and heavy metals like mercury.
Body stores it in the fat tissues.

When metals are lodged in the body, the body will not remove them on its own. Products called chelators must be used. Chelating agents pull metals and then; your body must eliminate them.
Chelation can be a dangerous act if done improperly.
Dosing with chelator for only a short period of time raises the risk of redistribution of metals and toxins.
Cutler claims low, frequent doses must be given continuously based on their life so the chelator can pull the toxins out, and we do not risk redistribution after every dose.

The doses are low so that the body can keep pace with the elimination. Cutler method enables that metals are safely removed, and no further damage occurs.
Cutler uses mainly 2 chelators.

DMSA and ALA (alpha lipoic acid). ALA is taken every 3 hours around the clock; DMSA is every 4 hours.
The chelators are taken for at least 72 hours, that means taking 24 doses of chelators if we are taking ALA.
Every period of 3 days is called a “round” and every round is followed by a break of at least equal time (3 + days).
Usually, changes can be seen after 1-5 rounds.

Generally, all side effects are easy to manage and the ACC protocol should not produce negative symptoms.
Supplementation of Vitamins and Minerals

Basic supplements can help support your child during chelation and help them effectively eliminate toxins.

The following should be given 3-4 times per day:
– Vitamin C: 500-1000 mg/day divided into four doses.
– Magnesium: 400 mg/day per day divided into four doses.
– Zinc: 30-50 mg/day divided into four doses.
– Fat soluble supplements are given once per day:
– Vitamin E: 400 IU/day (d-alpha tocopherol, not dl-alpha tocopherol),
If there has been no exposure to mercury within the past 3 months (vaccines, broken cfl bulb, amalgams) you can start with any chelator.

If there has been mercury exposure you must begin with either DMSA or DMPS for 3 months, neither of which can cross the Blood-Brain Barrier. These will reduce the total body burden before ALA is introduced.

The chelators are given around the clock
DMSA every 3-4 hours
DMPS every 8 hours
ALA every 3 hours.
For 3 days. Optional: ALA can be given every 4 hours for 2 stretches at night during the parent sleep schedule only.
This is allowed because the body metabolizes slower at night.
Chelation often takes between 100-300 rounds. That is like 2 – 6 years or more…The improvements you see will generally keep you motivated.