The Real Truth About Mercola – SCAMMER

I mean this Mercola is gettingon my nerves. I though he was really a guy who has a heart helping people getting their health together.
I think he became a greedy bastard. I think the only thing he want to do is to sell from his website. I have read comments about how health the meat is, and that some peole should avoid eating fruit because it makes you fat.

Are you kidding me Mercola, are you totally out of your *censored*ing mind man. Some people should avoid fruit because it affects cholesterol? I am sure if you promote eating fruit you will not sale anything. You will not sell your *censored*ing powders and your crap from your site. The only concern should be to educate people, not to sell them all that crap.

I though you were a honest person, but you are far from that. Reading some of your articles Mercola is making me seek.
And Mercola even goes to marketing seminars and tries to improve his sales from website.

I think all his articles are biased because of money. Mercola is a greedy person, a greedy man. I think Curezone is much etter reading material as Mercila ste.

Here is a proof about how greedy that *censored* really is.

And he just does not look healthy to me. Look at some other health practitioners Mercola and see how they look.
You greedy bastard you should be ashamed of yourself.

Check EFT, how they do business, they are the people you can trust and not you, you are evil and greedy man, and seems you will dies soon because you look sick.