100 Years Old Vegan Heart Surgeon’s Advice, That Might Save Your Life

I love this video. Dr. Ellsworth Wareham is 100 years old. He worked as a heart surgeon will 95 years old. He stopped at 95 because he wanted to not because he had to. He believes and so do I that low fat vegan diet can pretty much eradicate heart disease from people’s life.

He claims that the heart disease is the new thing and that it appears in most civilized countries, like for example USA. He advises to lower your cholesterol under 140 and you will not be have to afraid of coronary heart disease.

He has 114 cholesterol level and he feels really healthy. Even though there are new studies, that claim how cholesterol is a healthy thing, I personally try to not put it in my body. SO vegan food is without cholesterol. I strongly believe that new diets that are based on a lot of meat, can be really harmful for your body.

Check this video about him, you will love it