Xylitol Sweetener Review

Where have we come to in the last year or so. We were like bombarded with regular white sugar products, from chewing gums (yes, some companies use sugar in chewing gums, stupid, I know), cakes, chocolates etc. We all know sugar is bad in fact it  is horrible. It is deadly for diabetics, it raises glycemic index to super high level, it also has many calories. So I just saw this xylitol sweetener in health food shop yesterday. And I could not believe it. It is so cool. I was thinking yes 100% xylitol powder 300g for like 8 bucks. You must be kidding me. There must be a trick.

I thought there was only 1 percent xylitol in this swetener. But in fact it was relly 100% xylitol. And xylitol has low glycemic index, even diabetics can use it. Remembering in the past, people who did not like sugar had to go for aspartame, which is a poison.

But now we have a definitive solution and it is perfect for teeth. Dentist recommend xylitol against caries, because it kills bacteria and helps remineralizing your teeth. What that means, it means that your teeth pull the minerals from your saliva and build enamel where it is damaged. So your teeth gets less sensitive etc. I havent tested that in practivce because I just got this stuff. But I will report back after few months, because I am making my own toothpaste for years now.

Xylitol has a third of the calories of regular sugar and is recommended for diabetics. You can use it for coffee, tea, cakes, anything that requires sugar. Gone are the days when the sugar was the only option, even the brown sugar is obsolete now.

And it tastes exactly like sugar. If you give xylitol to somebody, he will not know the difference.

Taste:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Health:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Cost:3 Stars (3 / 5)
Average:4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

I will be buying it from Amazon from now on. Here is the ost popular xylitol product for

USA Amazon site


And Amazon Germany

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