Olive Oil Tips For Better Hair

Here is the article from some guy on curezone forums. I find it really interesting. So make sure you read it carefully.

Kids have perfect curls, perfect waves, perfect straight hair. even if it’s messed up it still looks perfect, not a hair out of place. it just works for them, you know? lol!!

but you know WHY it works for them? heres why:

like anything that seems like age the answer is TOXINS! if you detox your scalp you will have perfect hair, just like you had when you were a kid. you know why? because ‘perfect’ is how nature intended it – and when you restore it to its natural state by removing toxins, this is how it will be!

this is how i did it:

1. throw away all commercial products.

even if they say ‘natural’. they still have chemicals in them, even if not ‘proven’ carcinogenic, harmful etc. your body still has to get rid of them. kids bodies are much more efficient at getting rid of toxins – their bodies are ‘the latest models’, clean and functional. ours are like models that date back to the decade we were born. like an electrical appliance from the 80s, 70s, 60s…you know what i mean?! 2. wash hair with all natural, handmade, organic vegetable soap.

i got best results with olive oil soap. make sure it has no Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) in it! as imalurnin kindly informed me, SLS blocks your skin and means it is unable to get rid of toxins. if it doesnt specifically list the ingredients, dont use it. it must be 100% natural, the less things added the better. or, make your own. once you have detoxed successfully im sure you can start using soap with essential oils or msm added, though i would always alternate with a nothing-added soap to give your scalp a chance to detox.

your hair may become heavy, dull, oily for a few days. vinegar rinsing may help for a while but it may still seem to become resistant to washing, being difficult to get wet and difficult to get soap into. this is good news! it means its detoxing and you can help speed this process up by….

3. doing an olive oil scalp detox!

pour olive oil directly onto scalp skin. (if you try to apply with fingers it will only get stuck in the lengths and you will have to use twice as much). it seems like you will use a lot, just pouring it on your head, but trust me its the best way (ive tried both!) and you dont actually end up using that much. massage oil in with fingertips. ensure all skin of head is covered in oil. pay no attention to the lengths, they are not important to this step! wrap hair in towel (i did it turban style with good results) and leave overnight.

when you wake up in the morning your head will feel so fresh you will be amazed!! you really will! and you will finally understand how bad SLS clogs your skin! your hair will immediately be easier to wash, more manageable, softer and cleaner (even though it will still have oil all over it!). wash hair with your chosen natural soap. your hair will remain oily for a few days as it detoxes so best to do this over a weekend or when you can hole up at home for a while!

4. keep washing with your chosen soap…

…and you will see your hair gradually returning to its natural glory. you will see you hair become stronger, thicker, shinier as the natural oils can finally be distributed from your newly unclogged scalp lol!! your hair will be so managable, soft and will fall into its natural shape so easily. it may take a couple weeks to start seeing the best results, but slowly your hair will become as perfect as kids hair, without doing a single thing to it!

no more styling, straightening, curling, hairspray, hair gel, fluffing, smoothing or scrunching!!!! you will not even need a hairdryer any more! your beauty routine will be cut in half: just wash with soap, comb, and go!!!

im starting to sound like a commercial!!! but really, its simple enough to try for yourself to see how amazing it is (as long as you can tolerate bad hair during the detox!!)

make sure you use cold pressed, organic, unrefined olive oil though!

good luck and i hope you see your hair become so naturally beautiful, just like how it should be!!!