Betaine HCL Vegan Version without pepsin review

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I used Betaine HCL before with pepsin, I did not know that pepsin hormone was derived from a pig stomach? If I knew that I would never buy it. However, I found alternative for vegans, vegetarians who want an animal-friendly betaine hcl.

And it works the same. My burps completely vanished. So did acid reflux. Can you believe it doctors always teach us that we have acid reflux because of too little acid in our stomach? And in fact, with betaine you are increasing the amount of acid in stomach, and it works? When I feel acid coming up to my throat I just pop one pill and sooner or later my stomach feels ok, no more burps, acid coming up to my throat etc.

The company for this product is called HIGHER NATURE, and you get 90 vegetarian capsules, each containing 300 mg of betaine HCL.

Amazing, again the docs are wrong. You can easily stop your acid reflux with a simple natural pill.

And the betaine HCL with pepsin smells really bad. Nevertheless, this one does not have any special smell at all.

Basically, you don’t need pepsin at all if you suffer with acid reflux. Just pop one pill when needed, and it will go away.

BTW I am not claiming it will help everybody. It might help you. It helped me. If you have very strong acid reflux, maybe it will decrease the burps, pain, etc.

You should definitely try it. And buy the one without pepsin just to protect the animals.

You can always use it with good probiotic too kill the candida or other parasites in your body.

Buy it on amazon – ( I could only find it on Amazon UK, sorry for that, but just buy it on ebay otherwise)

(Update, I have found vegetarian version without pigs enzyme pepsin) below)

More info about the product

  • Hydrochloric acid supplement.
  • Betaine hydrochloride is the acidic form of Tri-Methyl Glycine (TMG).
  • Helps support natural stomach acid levels to aid protein digestion and mineral absorption.
  • 1-3 capsules immediately before or during a meal.
  • 90 caps

betine hcl review