My thoughts after doing P90X3 for 90 days

Today is my last workout. I am finishing my 90 days run with P90X3. I missed only one excercise in 90 days. What I have learned is that you can lose weight. I tried everything before, raw food was the only successful thing to drop weight. However, now with P90X3 finally I can keep my weight down even if I eat a cookie or two here and there. With raw food you usually baloon up when you stop the diet and introduce cooked food again. So excercise is the only way.

I have learned that after doing P90X3 each day, you gradually start losing fat in the body. So your weight stays the same usually. Before doing P90X3 my weight was fluctuating a lot up and down and very quick, same day or 2 days I could go up to 3 kilos. But now not anymore. I lost like 6 or 7 kilos and that happened between 1st and 2nd month. After 30 days, I did not see any difference. But in secodn month suddenyl the weight started to drop off. You basically build more muscle. So that might be the reason you dont se quick weight loss.

However, after you do exercise each day, you don’t need to eat so much. Furthermore, you do not binge because you think oh, I will not be able to do exercise easily when I am full of food.

The exercises are not boring at all. Tony Horton is a great teacher. And you start to see him as a super person, he being like almost 60 yo and still in such a good shape.

I do not eat so much food like before now after 90 days, I need a little less. Furthermore, in the last few weeks I can cheat sometimes, eat some sweets that would usually make me fat immediately. However, like I said before, you lose fat in the body and increase your muscles, so your body does not immediately push all the calories in the fat cells.

I have learned that exercise is the thing to lose weight, if you don’t want to go fully raw vegan path and lose weight that way.

I am eating vegan food, with high raw fruit intake each day. I have been doing this for long time, many years. I really recommend P90X3. I am not sure if it is the right choice for elderly people with bad hips and knees, but for people under 50 it is a great exercise. You can also adjust some moves, so they are not so hard on your joints.

And wear shoes with soft soles, not running shoes, regular training shoes. Of course, yoga you will be doing barefoot. Same goes for pilates x excercise….