New Solution For Receeding Gums – Total Fix In 1 Hour

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I just saw this video on TV, and I have to share it. It is an amazing procedure where the dentist used small hook to disconnect the gums from bone and pushed it down and positioned the gums where needed. Then he basically stabilized the gum with collagen strips. You have to watch this it is amazing. The hole that is made by small hook instrument disappears after one day. So this is the minimal invasive procedure. It looks just amazing. Too bad it is not used all around the world. Gum grafts are still very painful. I have one tooth where the gum receded quite a lot, and I know how sensitive that tooth can be.

Exposed roots of the teeth are not made to withstand the coldness, brushing and other abrasive action.

I hope this will be soon widely used all around the world soon.