Root Canal Diary

Well the moment has come. I had a pain in my tooth, it is the 4th top left tooth. The root canal on this tooth was done some 8 years ago with a really bad dentist. She used to replaced all my amalgam with composite fillings (white one – non toxic) and she messed up a lot of my teeth. She even broke a needle for cleaning root canal in one of the tooth. And it has to be taken out. Well this one got infected also the pus was coming out a lot and so yesterday I went to the dentist. He said O nothing is wrong (stupid comment) that the root canal is just fine and when I told him I have a pain above the tooth in the gum area he said wel than something is wrong. Well I will write a diary what happens every day after a new root canal has been done……… DAY 1
The dentist opened my tooth, I could feel the tooth was infected. He took some x ray and said it should go fine. He used a lot of needles to scratch my 2 root canals (top 4th tooth has only 2 root canals) and one was kind of curved so he had a hard time getting to it. Well this was done around 1 PM. Right after that I felt relief, My chest pains that are usually there a lot of time were gone, I felt generally better. I even felt more happy and relaxed. HE closed the tooth with cement and put some medicine in it and said to wait 3 weeks. He said I could experience some pain that that should be normal. After that I went eating in Chinese restaurant and everything was ok, I ene went to guitar shope and played a guitar. I could feel a small pain after biting and pressure on that area. I generally felt better. Also my sinuses cleared up a little bit, I do not expel mucous anymore. Also my head is clearer. I really can , believe that the root canals are so connected with general health, especially heart, sinuses, eyes, head. The biological dentist would pull this sucker out but still I wanted to give it a go, because I do not have any major health problems atm.

4 AM in the morning, I woke up sweating and the pain is stronger. If I bite in that area of the tooth I feel pain. Still the chest pains are gone for the moment but the pain is stronger. If I bite I feel shooting pain in the tooth like there are some needles inside. And I was sweating a little bit. I never sweat in my sleep only once per year, well the root canal is obviously the cause. I hope everything will be ok so I will not loose a tooth. Well after writing that the sweating and fever kind of went away but I am worries I will loose that sucker. I would probably get a bridge and dentist would have to use the 2 neighbor tooth that are untouched and totally healthy. I am so angry. I mean why we can not have the third set of teeth coming out. What the hell. Sometimes I feel the humans are so vulnerable. I will not decide for implant because they say it is unhealthy. The tooth is still sore and I feel sharp pain when I bite something with that tooth.

The pain is still here, it was better yesterday afternoon, the pain was totally gone, but now it is back. I still feel better in my chest also the infection is gone, but the tooth still hurts. I really think that if it will not get better I will just get it extracted. It is better without tooth that to have an infection. I also believe that every root canal is not healthy but still if there is no pain, why fix it. I am a little concerned about shaving off 2 totally healthy teeth and make a bridge done. That is worrying me a lot. I really feel my head is lighter but the pain is radiating to the whole left side of the head. It is not strong but still it gives me thinking that something is wrong. Till now all the root canals were done good and did not have any problems till this one. I hope there is going to be a solution soon for missing teeth, I am sure it is going to be, I really do not want to put a titanium implant inside my mouth. Also the scientists are developing a way to re grow teeth with ultrasound. It sound kind of sci-fi but still I hope they will succeed.

After experiencing a lot of pain in day 3 and 4 the pain is completely gone. Also the swelling on the gum above the tooth is gone so it does not hurt when I press it with finger. Also I have noticed that I have these like fever waves all over my body, like I have a fever, I haven’t had such a thingy for few years. I have dcided to not extract the tooth and do other healthy precautions instead of extraction, like diet, minerals, sauna + vitamins program etc……………