I wrote this post to ask for help. If any implantologist can help me, please let me know what to do. my face is all messed up because of implant.

I went to implantologist here in Thailand, she said I have bone loss because of implant and all I can do is put filler inside!!!!

If I knew that my face would be like this, I would never have implant done, I would use bridge.

What I dont understand is many people are missing 6th molars, and there is no difference in their face whatsoever. Both cheeks are exactly same. I had this implant and my face just got mangled!!!!!

I am really pissed, angry, dissapointed!!

I got implant in June 2009 in Austria, in the left upper molar 6th tooth. That tooth had root canal, I had pain many times and it was infected. I opted for zirconia implant. And got extraction in June 2009. Implant was placed in June 2009. After 3 months I got a crown.

Everything looked good, I had minimum pain after insertion, only sharp pain after the implant was placed for about an hour, then no pain any more.

Soon after  the crown was placed I got that strange feeling and throbbing above the implant and around the gum where the implant was placed. Also the smell started to appear if you suck the pus beneath the gum around the implant.

All the food was lodged in under the gum all the time. Never happens with other teeth whatsoever.

If I touched and squeezed the implant area and gum, the smelly white stuff came out. Could not properly clean implant. And the crown was always kind of rough. The chewing gum got stuck on the crown or between the space of two teeth. I am not that sure, was it because of implant surface or because it god lodged under the gum. I always had to remove the gum by hand. The gum got stuck over the crown like a glue, Never happened with other teeth in my mouth, only this crown.

That was weird, but ok I was happy with implant. I did not have metal inside my mouth, I wanted zirconium implant.

But what happened next totally dissapointed me. I was depressed and sad because of it and still am, I CANT LOOK MYSELF IN THE MIRROR. YES IT IS THAT BAD! AND PEOPLE ASK ME WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY FACE…..

My left cheek, the area right above the implant, going in the 90 degrees direction from the vertical body position, not towards the brain, but towards outside of head, this area above implant feels weird.

Soon I noticed in the mirror, that my left part of face looked weird! I had a big sunken left cheek suddenly, 1 or two month after implant. But did not really notice it for 4 months when the sunken cheek got really deep. Today, after 2,5 years having implant, the cheek is really sunken. The pain is not present, but constant infection, smell, and food lodging below the crown is what concerns me.

I talked to my surgeon, he denied anything like that happened because of implant. He said I can search the net and nothing like that happens because of 1 implant that was placed.

I am dissapointed because of this  implant. Not because if pain, biocompatibility, that is great. I rather have zirconia implant than metal implant. But the messed up face is what gave me concerns.

I am sad because of

  1. messed up left side of face, exactly above implant
  2. smell around implant
  3. throbbing on the left cheek
  4. food stuck under the gum around the implant….


So here are few pictures before and after the implant, the sunken area gradually increased through the time. SO I ASK DOCTORS; IS THIS NORMAL, TO GET SUNKEN CHEEK ON THE SIDE OF IMPLANT?