Supernatural Experience In India Exposed After 17 years

In my article I was writing about my divine experience in India, but from further researching, it was clearly a trick….It took me few minutes to research this on youtube and websites. I could not figure it out for 17 years after visiting India, and Sai Baba ashram in Puttaparthi.. I thought I had a divine experience of some sort…I am laughing right now also about to cry…. I was naive. Here is me thinking abour having supernatural experience   and here I am ready to accept the fact that I was scammed by a scammer.

The owner of the orpahange when they showed me 3 tricks was a professional thief. It is called Thief Temple.

Here is a website you can read about this orphanage

He says:

This supposed ‘orphanage’ is also famous as ‘The Thief’s Temple’ because its owner had famously once been caught out as a professional as a thief – a ‘baggage lifter. He stole in Bangalore bus and train stations and also tried his luck on Sai Baba’s followers at the ashrams too. Someone informed on him, no doubt, and so Sai Baba pointed him out in the crowd and accused him. (People believed this was SB’s omniscience at work!). Halagappa told me he had been a thief himself, but proclaimed that he had mended his ways because Sai Baba told him to run an orphanage and get a temple built instead.

Halagappa who is demonstrating the trick in video below was apparently a thief too.

I am not sure how Sai Baba did not publicly scrutinize this orphanage. I was scammed for like 17 years, thinking I had a divine experience.

UPDATE, on the same site I linked above Sai Baba apparently warned people from these places

Sai Baba has himself warned strongly in discourses against “happenings in Mysore and Madras” (Sathya Sai Speaks vol. 10, p. 186) and “in Mysore state there are some who distribute amrith, vibhuuthi and other articles announcing that they are showering from their pictures at their places… Devotees should keep far away from such places and persons” (Sathya Sai Speaks vol. 11, p. 147). Sanathana Sarathi also published a prominent warning against the Mysore/Sri Ranga Patna orphanage and unauthorised money collections there. So much for the genuineness of Halagappa’s tricks and his collection of funds (another financial competitor to the Sai Central Trust!)

The Sri Ranga Patna orphanage, founded in 1984, is located on the Mysore – Bangalore road, some 15 km. north of the city of Mysore, India. The orphanage can be reached in six hours by taxi from Sai Baba’s main ashram.


It took me 6 hours to reach this place and be scammed….Thank got for internet, I would still live like a stupid believer.