My Supernatural Experience In India

I was traveling in India 16 years ago, went to south of India with few friends. I stayed there six months. Even though India is very dirty, and you easily get infection, which I did, I saw unexplainable things…I visited spiritual gurus like Sai Baba and Mata Amritha in south of India.

I loved the experience. I was just shocked by visiting the orphanage that Sai Baba blessed where they demonstrated AMRITHA phenomenon, which is so-called Divine Honey…

I was there. I hold the small image of Sai Baba in my hands, and I saw what is going on. It was recorded on video but the person who recorded it, never gave me the video… so it was sadly lost….

However, here is a video that somebody else took and it shows you exactly what happened to me.

The caretaker of this orphanage showed us paintings of Sai Baba, that stand vertical on walls and the so-called vibhuti, a divine dust was recollecting repeatedly on these images/paintings of Sai Baba. He shook the pictures and the dust fall down, but after few minutes, you could see it coming back and collecting on the same picture of Sai Baba. THe dust is like ash, it smells like perfume and you can also eat it a bit. They say it is healthy. I still have it in my home, vibhuti from that place.

Then a real surprise…He put a tiny ceramic image of Sai Baba in my hand and this divine honey or amritha was pouring out….The image is very tiny it could in no way collect several spoons full of amritha. I saw that on my own!

From one small image, he got like five full spoons. The honey was pouring out constantly. It tasted very sweet, similar to honey.

And outside that orphanage is a foot statue, which was pouring out this liquid, and you wipe it with a cloth, and it appeared again. Unexplainable…. I could not believe it.

For the first time I saw something I could not explain….It was divine experience, the only one I had in my life…The orphanage is near Puttaparthi, one or two hours drive with Taxi, you should visit it

Here is the video:

And here is the picture of the feet, outside the orphanage

amrit-exuding feet

And on this site, the writer claims thre is no video that shows this amritha phenomenon for longer time, but in video above, you can see the image is hollow and could not contain so much honey.

The author say the following

No one has produced a convincing video where the amulet is held for a long enough, steeply enough, for it either to run very long or to become become amrit-free, because Halagappa controls when it will be returned to the jar. Upon reflection, the whole thing was as suspicious as could be, when one thought about it thoroughly from all angles.

He will do this several times, and the amazed or excited recipient does not take much notice of it if any, and would not think to question it feeling it might even be sacrilegious to do so (and most people want to be convinced and feel they are personally worth a divine blessing). Besides, everyone knows it is a big social sin in India to question a person so the lose face. Mr. Awle thinks he saw it running for “several minutes” while Hallagappa four times scooped away (!) the gathering liquid and put it into his other hand. Halagappa never waits for a minute, just 10 to perhaps even 20 seconds, until oozing slows or actually stops, when he scoops again with his suspicious large tablespoon. He also holds the person’s hand so it is nearly horizontal, thereby making the flow last longer.

I have read other websites and this is apparently a trick. The demostrator of amrit dips the spoon in honey several times….and I could not figure it out.