Ordinary Toothpaste Vs. Peroxide Baking Soda Toothpaste

I am using Peroxide Baking Soda toothpaste for 1 year already, it is great, I haven’t used usual toothpaste with fluoride that you can buy in shops, but I have used it in the last week again. But now I can see a few small white bumps above my teeth, it might be that a plastic object was lodged between 2 of my teeth and I could hardly take it out, and I have hurt my gums that way and this is the reason of the painful bumps on my gums, or is it just the usage of chemical fluoride toothpaste again.

I really suggest that all people use simple peroxide 3% with baking soda mixture (just mix it together till you get a smooth paste, and put it into closed container or small box, so it will not become hard).

It is so simple, and you can read about the fluoride and its danger all over internet, all I can do is vouch for this natural and healing toothpaste, it probably saved a lot of my teeth, and if you remove all the sugar and toxic food, I believe your teeth might heal themselves, I am not talking about root canals though, that are believed to be toxic bombs in our mouth.