MMS must be one of the biggest health scams in the world

I mean MMS is a scary thing. And this must be one of the biggest well done scams in the history of the world.

I read that old crusty scammer Jim Humble book. First of all, he looks all sickly, is using cain, I think he is close to dying.

If you ever want to do a health scam, just copy everything Jim Humble is doing. It is so easy to claim that your “medicine” works because you are claiming the AIDS cure, cancer cure from people who live in remote Africa villages.

Of course nobody monitors those people, and the government down there is super corrupt.

And than comes this crusty old scammer full of claims, how this MMS crap cure everything.

If you want to find our what a crap MMS is, just google some youtube videos from people who tried MMS. I have never come across any cure. I only come across sad stories from desperate sick people, who were looking for cure.

If MMS would really work, people, than there would be hundreds of testimonials on youtube, facebook, but the only positive testimonials you can see are on the website who sell MMS:

This is how this scam works.

Just create a product that is used for disinfecting water, use people in remote village somewhere in Africa claim they were all cured with your snake oil. This is how you make money. Of course you need desperate and sick people who will try your product and believe everything you say.

But you know the health niche one of the most profitable niches in the world. Health and make money online are the niches where most of the scams appear.

I have researched numerous videos on YouTube, people who were taking MMS on a daily basis for weeks and never got healthy. They had to stop taking MMS because it had too much side effects. I know this for a fact because many people that I am in constant contact with told me never to try this crap. They experience horrible side effects and they all had to stop taking this snake oil.

Don’t believe Jim humble, he’s just an old crusty scammer who will sell you snake oil with strong side effect. Do a research online, check Facebook pages that talk about MMS, check YouTube videos that talk about MMS and you was soon find out what is the truth.

Trust me I’m right, don’t ever fall for scan where you see that the cure claims are shady.MMS Scam

MMS scam Jim Humble