Betaine HCL with pepsin – a complete review

I came across this health supplement just a while ago. I knew about it before but now finally started to using it. I always had weak stomach, filling bloated, sore in the abdomen area. I had a stomach checkup done 15 years ago. They told me I have too much acid.
Betaine HCL is basically stomach acid in pills. They say that many people who have problems with GERD, acid reflux have in fact too little acid in their stomach. That is why they burp, have acid taste, burning sensation etc.

They can’t digest food properly.

SO I started to take this few days ago. I take 350 mg and it fills just right. At first I felt slight burning but not painful. And then I had that good feeling in my stomach. Like it is doing better job. I feel my stomach digests food much better now. It is a very warm feeling. Also my mind improved drastically. You know when you fix your body, your mental issues kind of vanish. So I feel much better.

I love that strong feeling in my stomach. I havent test this too much but for now it works just fine. I have no acid burps, sinuses problem is way better only after few days, have less gas. It apparently also kills bad bacteria like candida, viruses, fungi in your small intestines. I really belive this is one if the best supplmenents out there. It works not only on your stomach acid, but on your whole body.

But dont overdo it. Some people pop these pills liek crazy. But it is a real acid. I take only 350 mg for now. Also they recommend to take probiotics too to replenish the damaged gut lining from candida. I will do that in the future. I did not expect this thing will work so good.

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betaine hcl pepsin review

(Update, I have found vegetarian version without pigs enzyme pepsin) below)