What is happening with our teeth!!!!!!

A lot of people don’t see the thruth. Our grandparents had like super teeth. I know my grandmothe for example always had a full set of teeth till her 60 yedar, she might have some golden teeth but still she had them. And if you remember most of the actors they had nice teeth also. But today most of the population has hotrrible teeth, I am not saying teeth with cavities, I am saying teeth that are broken down, grinded away.

I remember when I was in high school all my classmates had beautiful teeth. There were some exceptions but that was because of their bad hygene. But today youngsters are having veneers. All the actors have venerss it s because our teeth are not like they used to be. In the past they lasted lie 60 years on average. Not they last like 20 – 30 years and after theat people get them capped or something, or they have holes in their smiles.

Let me just give you some examples


Here you can see Bowies teeth and cleary you can see how durable his teeth were. He got like caps in his 50s i think. Till then his teeth were firm and strong. He had some caries and yelowness but still his teeth were really strong even though he smoked like 50 cigaretes per day.

What I want to say that we are taking the toll of all these low and high frequency fields. It is happening. Even kids in highschool are getting veneers already. That never happened before. Children in the 80s had beutiful teeth on average. My father had perfect set of teeth till his 60s. He never needed caps, veneers or something else.

I just want to say that on average all the people in the 80s had much better teeth compared with the people in 2000 and being the same age.

First problem started with CRT monitors that emitted strong electromagnetic fields. It slowly destroyed our teeth. I can confirm that by myself. People who were liek hours in front of CT monitors were getting glasses, their teeth were slowly destroying, had problems with hands.

People with LCD monitors today dont have problems with eyes, headaches …..

I am working behind LCD monitor 16 hours per day and never get headache, my eyesight is good I dont feel my teeth are affected.

But I never could use that damn CRT monitors. Not even for 1 hour, my eyes hurt, I got headaches, my eyesight was blurry and my teeth were slowly destroying. I could feel that my teeth were affected by emmisions from CRT monitors if I worked behind CRT monitor. They hurt, were sensitive and slowly they enamel was grinding away where they come into contact with other teeth.

People jsut did not know about this horrible stuff. They gave us these horrible CRT monitors that messed up our health.

Look at kids today, they already have caps at 20 years of age. People usually have misiing teeth in their mouth.

THat was not a case in 80s or before. People had strong teeth usually, of course there were still people with bad teeth but on average people had much better teeth.

Today even kids get their teeth capped.


WE ARE FEELING THE EFFECTS OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY ALREADY. CRT AND NOW WIRELESS. We will definately feel effects in few years most probably. Too bad!!