Using EFT for Physical Healing

Nowhere is there more obvious evidence for the existence of the mind-body connection than EFT. By now you have witnessed (and I hope experienced) dramatic physical healing on several levels. There are thousands of physical ailments that befall
human beings for which the healing sciences have
developed a wide array of remedies.
These remedies range from a laying on of hands to drugs & surgery to fasting to mental imagery. They all seem to show results for some of the people some of the time. But none of them work for all of the people all of the time.

Here is a beginning list of the physical ailments
which have been addressed by EFT with either partial
or complete success:
Headaches, back pain, stiff neck and
shoulders, joint pains, cancer, chronic fatigue
syndrome, lupus, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis,
asthma, allergies, itching eyes, body sores,
rashes, insomnia, constipation, irritable bowel
syndrome, eyesight, muscle tightness, bee stings,
urination problems, morning sickness, PMS,
sexual dysfunctions, sweating, poor
coordination, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis,
numbness in the fingers, stomachaches,
toothaches, trembling, multiple sclerosis.

There are many, many more. A complete list is
several times as long.
Try it on everything.
I try EFT on every physical ailment presented to me
and am repeatedly astonished at the results. I don’t have
100% success (who does?) but often EFT will give

startling relief where nothing else seems to work.

EFT, in my experience, works so well that it should be
included in every healer’s tool bag. And I’ll go a step
further. I think it should be one of the first tools the
healer uses. Here are the reasons:
The relief from symptoms is usually immediate.
It often works where nothing else will.

It is easy to apply.
It takes very little time.
It is not habit forming.

I don’t know any other healing technique that can
make all these claims. Do you? Nonetheless, EFT does
not replace medicine or any other healing practice. It is
best to work with other healing practitioners.
That EFT deserves a prominent place in the physical
healing hall of fame is undeniable. Even the most
casual observer must greet the results with great respect.

But the obvious question is…why does it work?
Why, if its original design is to address emotional
issues, does the identical process work so remarkably
well on physical problems?

There are many mysteries
surrounding the healing sciences and that is why
research in this field is an unending process. EFT is no
Just as the proper flow of blood throughout the body
is vital to one’s physical health, so is the proper flow of
the body’s energy. Thus, balancing it with EFT is
bound to promote physical healing.

It is undeniable that negative emotions contribute to
physical ailments. To the extent that EFT neutralizes
those negative emotions, the physical symptoms appear
to subside.

Questions and Answers

Q. How long will it take to get relief?

There is no
hard and fast rule on this. Symptoms often fade away
in a matter of minutes although, occasionally, there is a
delayed reaction for a few hours. Relief from the
underlying disease could take days, weeks or months.
So….be persistent. And be sure to consult with your
physician. Many people are tempted to discontinue
medication as healing takes place. This should only be
done with the guidance of your physician.

Q. Can I address several symptoms at a time?

No! Use The Basic Recipe on each symptom
independently. Start with the most severe symptom and
work down. Don’t be surprised, however, if working
with one symptom generates relief for the others. This
happens frequently.

Q. Can I really expect results from EFT for long
standing, severe diseases?

I am quite aware that
conventional wisdom suggests that many long lasting
diseases are permanent fixtures in one’s health profile.
Accordingly, to suggest that they can be measurably
reduced or eliminated by methodically tapping on the
energy system is radical indeed. It is outside the beliefs
of almost everyone I have met. But I have seen, first
hand, many startling examples of this and am remiss if I
don’t report them to you.

Q. How often should I apply The Basic Recipe to
my problem?

For symptoms such as headaches, pain,
upset stomach, etc….perform The Basic Recipe
whenever you want relief. For the underlying disease, it
should be done 10 times per day until you are satisfied
with the results. The 10 daily trips through The Basic
Recipe should be spread throughout the day. A good
way to do this is to develop the habit of doing them by
linking them to your own habitual routines…such as:

When you get up in the morning.
When you go to bed at night.
Just before each meal.
Every time you use the bathroom.

It is also important to apply EFT to every specific
event that may be causing the physical ailment.
Applying The Personal Peace Procedure will help as

Q. Will you please discuss some of your
experiences with various physical ailments?

But please remember that the examples listed below
represent a tiny portion of the possible ailments which
EFT can address.

Back pain

I know many people who have significant damage to
their backs and the reasons for their pains are evident in
their X-Rays. Nonetheless, after a few minutes of EFT
their pains faded dramatically.
This doesn’t appear to make sense until you
recognize that stress shows up in the muscles which, in
turn, exert abnormal strains on our joints. Relaxing the
muscle tension, through EFT, thus reduces unnecessary
stress on the joints. The result is less pain. I have lost
count of how many back pains I have seen subside.
Some pains vanish completely and never come back
while others require a daily tapping routine to keep the
pain away.

Headaches and stomachaches

I estimate that at least 90% of the cases I have
witnessed regarding these symptoms have responded
very well. Most of them faded away completely within
a few minutes of using The Basic Recipe.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

I had a business dinner one evening with Anne,
whose carpal tunnel wrist pain was at a 7. After less
than 2 minutes into The Basic Recipe, the pain
disappeared altogether and didn’t come back for the rest
of our meeting.
Needless to say, she was astonished since nothing
else had ever given her relief. Our paths have not
This is the type of problem, however, that tends to come
back and so additional tapping would likely be


Donna’s psoriasis was so bad that she had difficulty
wearing shoes. Her medications were not helping. She
tapped routinely for a few days and 90% of it went


These usually respond well. I have watched many
people eliminate sinus drainage, itching eyes, sneezing
and a host of other allergy related symptoms.


Results vary widely here but, in my experience,
success is usually achieved. One experienced an instant
and permanent relief with one tapping session. Others
needed to tap daily for a few weeks before years and
years of constipation subsided.
Please remember that you will not always get
immediate relief from your physical ailment and
sometimes the tapping will not appear to work. Be
patient….and persistent. All you are expending is time.
The odds are in your favor if you keep with it. This
applies to all ailments….not just constipation.


I have seen many people improve their eyesight with
EFT….at least temporarily. People come up on stage
with me, do The Basic Recipe for eyesight, and then
report noticeably clearer vision. I have not carried
through on this and cannot report on any permanent
changes. I suspect, however, that permanent
improvement is possible with persistence.


Arthritic pain often reduces under The Basic Recipe.
I’ve seen this many times. Because of the underlying
condition, however, it does tend to return. Thus you
must address the symptoms and the underlying disease.
Can you reverse arthritis and get rid of it forever
with EFT? I don’t know because no one, to my
knowledge, has persistently used these techniques for
these purposes. Conventional wisdom tells us that
arthritis is not reversible. It cannot be cured. It can
only be arrested.
However, I was diagnosed with arthritis in 1986 and
have no sign of it today. I didn’t use EFT at the time
because I didn’t know about it. It left as a result of
fasting and changes in my diet, lifestyle and frame of
mind. I’m convinced that EFT would have hastened my