Using EFT for Physical Healing

Nowhere is there more obvious evidence for the existence of the mind-body connection than EFT. By now you have witnessed (and I hope experienced) dramatic physical healing on several levels. There are thousands of physical ailments that befall
human beings for which the healing sciences have
developed a wide array of remedies.
These remedies range from a laying on of hands to drugs & surgery to fasting to mental imagery. They all seem to show results for some of the people some of the time. But none of them work for all of the people all of the time.

Here is a beginning list of the physical ailments
which have been addressed by EFT with either partial
or complete success:
Headaches, back pain, stiff neck and
shoulders, joint pains, cancer, chronic fatigue
syndrome, lupus, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis,
asthma, allergies, itching eyes, body sores,
rashes, insomnia, constipation, irritable bowel
syndrome, eyesight, muscle tightness, bee stings,
urination problems, morning sickness, PMS,
sexual dysfunctions, sweating, poor
coordination, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis,
numbness in the fingers, stomachaches,
toothaches, trembling, multiple sclerosis.

There are many, many more. A complete list is
several times as long.
Try it on everything.
I try EFT on every physical ailment presented to me
and am repeatedly astonished at the results. I don’t have
100% success (who does?) but often EFT will give

startling relief where nothing else seems to work.