EFT – Collarbone Breathing Problem

In a few cases…maybe 5%…a unique form of energy disorganization occurs within the body that impedes the progress of The Basic Recipe. It’s details are well beyond the scope of this course but I can show you how to correct it. I call it the Collarbone Breathing Problem not because there is something wrong with one’s collarbones or one’s breathing. Rather, it is named after its correction…the Collarbone Breathing Exercise.
This correction was developed by Dr. Callahan and need only be “thrown in” in cases where persistence with The Basic Recipe is not showing results. It takes about 2 minutes to perform and may clear the way for the normal operation of an otherwise impeded Basic


Although I describe it verbally below, you are advised to consult the videos for EFT Part II for a live demonstration.

Collarbone Breathing Exercise

While you can start with either hand, I’m going to assume you are starting with the right one. Keep your elbows and arms away from your body so that the only things touching are your fingertips and knuckles as described.

Place two fingers of your right hand on your right Collarbone Point. With two fingers of your left hand, tap the Gamut Point continuously while you perform the following 5 breathing exercises:

**Breathe half way in and hold it for 7 taps.

**Breathe all the way in and hold it for 7 taps.

**Breathe half way out and hold it for 7 taps.

**Breathe all the way out and hold it for 7 taps.

**Breathe normally for 7 taps.

Place the two fingers of your right hand on your left Collarbone Point and, while continuously tapping the Gamut Point, do the 5 breathing exercises.

Bend the fingers of your right hand so that the second joint or “knuckles” are prominent. Then place them on your right Collarbone Point and tap the Gamut Point continuously while doing the 5 breathing exercises. Repeat this by placing the right knuckles on the left Collarbone Point.

You are now half way done. You complete the Collarbone Breathing Exercise by repeating the entire procedure using the fingertips and knuckles of the left hand. You will be tapping the Gamut Point, of course, with the fingertips of the right hand.

How do you use the Collarbone Breathing

Exercise? First, assume you don’t need it and proceed as normal with The Basic Recipe. This is a logical assumption because this problem doesn’t impede EFT for very many people.

But if you have used The Basic Recipe persistently and your results are either slow or non existent then start each round of The Basic Recipe with the Collarbone Breathing Exercise. You may find that it “clears the way” and allows dramatic relief.