Get read of your headache quickly in few minutes – faster EFT video

Here is a video that shows you how to get three to your headache in few minutes. The woman suffered from headache all day and Robert Smith managed to fix her headache in few minutes. Firstly the pain didn’t want to go away, but then he asked her if there are any feelings related to her headache. He asked her if something happened that day, and she confirmed that something actually happened that bothered her. She did not reveal what the negative experience was that day, but Roberts Smith helped her tap her pain away.

So here’s important lesson. If your physical pain does not want to go away, and you tap and tap and tap, you have to look for the feeling related to that pain. I also tapped along myself and my neck pain didn’t want to go away, but when I tapped on the bad feeling that happened in the morning, my pain went away.