Results after 60 days of P90X3

Well what can I say, I lost like 6 or 7 kilos. But the last 2 days I got 1 back. I was thinking I can eat more now that I workout. Oh boy was I wrong. As soon as you start to eat more, you gain back, even though you do p90x3 each day.

I skipped only one workout in all 60 days. I tried my best. I could not cope with few workouts like MMX especially, so I took little breaks of few seconds. But other than that I managed to do most of the workouts.

I did not change a lot in my diet. I just started to eat more fruit than before. I increased the fruit intake for like 15 % or more.

I also did not buy 1 bar of chocolate per week, no chocolate anymore. Also I bought 1 loaf of bread instead of 2 per week. I eat vegan like 95% of the time. Sometimes I eat a little cheese.

I am kind of disappointed. I was thinking I will be seeing a lot of muscles. I ate also raw protein almost each day.

When I started to loos weight I saw that I did not have strength anymore. I was better and had more energy at the beginning of P90X3, so I was thinking I am loosing muscle mass. I eat like 1500 calories per day I think or less. In the last 3 days I tried to increase the caloric intake. I felt my strength60-days-p90x3--front


60-days-p90x3-sideshot is coming back but also my weight.

I am not satisfied. I wanted to see muscles. But it is hard when you are 40 years old. I guess 30 minutes just isn’t enough. Here are my result pics. I lost approx 14 pounds in 60 days, a lot has to do with higher fruit intake, no chocolate. Everything else is almost identical.

I started to eat the same food, like apple strudel that my grandma made for me. And quickly I came up from 106 kilos to now 107,5. This is the same food that caused my weight to ballon so quick from 100 to 110 in just few weeks.

I dont know why my granda puts in the apple strudel, maybe too much oil and sugar?

So here are my pics in 3 angles. Please comment and try to give any advice.