Another reason not to trust doctors

I was shocked. I love Louis Theroux BBC documentaries. Each documentary seems to be better than previous one. The guy really is the best reporter that I know. But lets get to the chase here.
The last documentary I was watching few days ago just shocked me. It was about terminally ill patients.

And oh boy there were so many mistakes by doctors in Cedar Sinai, one of the best hospitals in the world. There was this guy who had cancer, they had to cut out cancer because chemo did not work. They even cut large part of anus from this poor soul. Then filled him up with all kind of meds, he looked half dead to me. Then came the surprise, like all the doctors came in the room in the hospital and told this poor guy that the wound from surgery can’t heal, and that he will die. So they got the cancer out but he will de because his immune system is so low. They cut out chunks of flesh from this guy and now his body cant heal the wound.

Isn’t that just terrible? So they packed him home,and you should see the faces on these doctors, seems to me they faked the sad faces… But I guess that is how you react when so many people die in front of your eyes. You get used to it.

There was this Mexican boy next, who got leukaemia, they tried everything. The guy was almost dead. He went through countless chemo therapies. One after another made him even more sick.

Then before he died, the doctor came in and told him they can try another chemo but that could kill him. She suggested that he could go home and just die without a chemo because chemo can kill him on its own. I saw the doctor gave him hope with chemo, so the guy took it. She did not say you have 0% CHANCE OF SURVIVING THIS CHEMO, 5 minutes later she told Louis Theroux just that. That the poor guy does have 0% chance of survival and cancer remission. She never told that directly to boys face.

From watching the documentary, it was not clear to me that the doctor told him that, that he has 0% chance of remission.

So the guy with one foot in the grace took another chemo and died 2 days later…. This was just a joke from my observation.

The last guy story shocked me the most. I am still shocked after few days. He got into drugs, took too many heroin and overdosed himself. He ended up in kind of vegetative state. For 1 month he was in hospital. The doctor clearly told the family there is not hope, the damage of the brain is too big. Even another Chinese doctor from Cedar Sinai, checked the MRI of the brain and said the boy will be a vegetable all his life. But the family did not loose hope, especially boy’s sister.

She believed in him, even grandma came in hospital and prayed for the boy. They all believe he will make it. But the doctors told them there is no use to keep him plugged on to the machines.

The prognosis was terrible. But after few days later, the boy stood up, was walking around and could communicate properly. The brain damage was not that horrible. He made it through.

These are just samples of what is going on in hospitals and that doctors are wrong many times, many times they mess you up and kill you, or almost kill you before patients totally recuperates. I rather take raw food approach and not mess with these unskilled people.

I betcha they never give smoothies to patients in hospitals. I am sure some of them would made it, I am 100% sure. Usually they serve hot dogs, cows brews, etc, no way a body can heal itself when you feed it that kind of food.

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