The good, bad and the ugly of raw food

This is kind of weird video, but after seeing other people talk about I made my judgement.

There are some really lovely people, promoting raw food outthere on youtube. I would say the liferegenerator is the best one of them. Also the guys who organized raw food fest in Woodstock every year is an amazing guy.

But then comes the ugly and bad people. Ugly is of course Durianrider, I just get sick watching his videos, his language, gestures are so offensive, it is just amazing.

Durianrider is the most offensive raw foodist I think. His speaking, everything about him is offensive. I like him being vegan and stuff, but after seeing some of his videos, I just want to slap the shit out of him. He criticizes every person, making fun of people and stuff. But he is not the bad guy, just offensive and unwatchable. So if you have a good stomach, watch his videos, because he is not a bad guy or evil. But he blindly promotes that raw food diet and claiming it having no sideefect on people who have actual side effects. That is what I hate about him. I could never be a friend with a guy like that. Just makes me puke.

Then there are the bad people. I would say Matt Monarch, Wolfe are the biggest scammers I would say. They even sell deer antler extracts, colostrum and other disgusting shit just to make money. And Matt Monarch wife seems to me just a wacko. So be careful here. Also there is a strong evidence that he is faking youtube views. I am in internet marketing and I believe that 100%. His videos jumped from average few thousand to 500000, only few of them. In very short period of time.

I know it is hard to scam youtube views, but it is possible. I dont want to waste my time speaking about David Wolfe, you can read more about him on internet, just a bad guy.