Sedona Method – Personal Experience -Get Rid Of Unwanted Emotions

This is my true experience of Sedona Method. I bought Sedona Method a while ago because somebody was promoting it in a marketing DVD and I saw how calm this person that was using Sedona Method was. I was already heavily into EFT that you can read a lot about on our site already. So i gave Sedona Method a try. I though I will ask them for money return if it wouldn’t work.

I put all the mp3 files on my ipod and I am still listening to the program each day. The presenter has such a calm voice that after 15 minutes I became so sleepy I have to put away my ipod and go to sleep.

Usually I have problems falling asleep but not when listening to sedona method. And the program is truly wonderful. It shows you how to get rid of unwanted emotions. It works that way that you just release the emotions in a second. And they do not return. The trick is in appropriate setup to get rid of unwanted emotions.

For example getting rid of anxiety you select the thought or a moment that is making you anxious and you just ask your self if for example I am afraid of snakes. I ask myself why do I want to be afraid of snakes? Not why I am afraid of snakes.

There are many more tricks like that that allow you to release those bad memories. Also how to be more social, gain more money, become rich. Usually our mind is programmed that we earn only for example 2000 usd per month. We can not imagine that we could earn for example 10000 usd per month. Well sedona method method can remove all those preprogrammed thoughts from your mind.

I really suggest to go and buy sedona method but you can return it if it is not working for you.