Andreas Moritz passed away! Sad news – author of liver flush protocol

I remember this guy from years ago. Seems to be a great guy. He kind of invented liver flush protocol to apparently clean the liver oand gallbladder of stones, but his theory was debunked many times, because scientist claimed the stones that you pooped out were not really gallblader stones, but the mixture of olive oil and other ingredients in this protocol.

I did liver flush for many times, at least 15 I would say. I felt better for a day or so then everything came back. So I stopped doing it. But going through gulping large quanitieis of olive oil was so disgusting, I gave up. I haven’t done liver flush for at least 5 years.

But I am sad he passed away. Some people think he was assasinated, but hey, he was just a small fish in the ocean.  I suspect cancer or something similar, but nothing was disclosed.

RIP brother, let the angels guard you.andreas moritz passed away