Raw Foodist VeganBob Raw Restaurant Journey in Bangkok

A friend from Australia VeganBob have send me some pictures he took of the dishes in Thailand restaurant. And I asked him to write some text so I can publish everything. He sent me some pictures from that restaurant and the dishes look awesome!! Here is his story:
Harley here, aka durianrider! I love to ride my bike in search of gourmet fruits. Especially durian! I have cycled 3200km this durian season in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. visiting fruit stalls, farms and village markets, in all weather and at all times of the day and night! For those whom have never had durian, its the spiky , smelly fruit that most westerners hate! But its very high fat and sugar content is amazing! And hence is what EVERY fatty sugar desert has originated from. Ie cheesecake, custard, ice cream, white chocolate etc. like this fact or not. Its truth! Durian was on the planet first! lol!

And I am talking the tree ripened organic ones picked minutes after hitting the ground. Not the frozen , chem’ed up, 1 year old ones from the local Asian shop. There is a BIG difference! lol!

As a raw vegan I find it extremely easy to travel these days. No more reading labels or looking for vegan restaurants. Just grab some fruit, veg, or coconuts and the meal is served!

This keeps my immune system extra strong to deal with any foreign nastiness like malaria when I am sleeping in the jungle cos I got lost at night with out a torch!! This trip, my travels allowed me to sample , in my opinion, the finest restaurant in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.It was called rasayana retreat and its found in Bangkok central. They are an all raw vegan and mostly organic kitchen.

Creating amazing raw vegan pizzas, creamy pastas, lasagnas, cakes, smoothies, salads, taco cups, chips n salsa, burgers, sandwiches etc. their philosophy is abundant health for us , the planet and the animals! What a way to celebrate eating the most amazing food!

It really blows your mind what these raw vegan chefs can create! A quick internet search will show you many photos and recipes of the fastest growing way of eating in the world.

I have been a vegan for over 5 years and have been 100% raw vegan for over 10 months now. Its a personal journey I undertook after reading lots of material on the subject, experimentation on myself and spending most of my time in nature. as an athlete , I have noticed extra improvements from what veganism gave me over eating animal corpses and mammary excretions.

Giving up cooked food was a rough ride. But just like any worthwhile pursuit in life, “every disciplined effort is met with multiple reward!” I preach to many to become vegan. As I reckon its so easy today. However raw veganism is much more personal. And to be done as fast as possible and slowly as necessary. Its 2006, and we have more choices and information than ever before. we have access to an amazing abundance that our ancestors would have dreamed about. make the most of it…

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