Raw Food Videos

I just want to post here some info about raw food. I was on it twice, It was not easy, i lived in a stress soroundings. I stopped because I had problems with teeth, and my enamel was chipping of because of acids in oranges, lemons and other citrus fruit.

These two videos are really great, people look really good in it. I have lost a lot of weight, i think too much. I did not do it right. I should have eat more caloric food like 10 bananas per day, avocados, raw milk, raw cheese-

It is not easy to stick with it, no way, you could get in real problems with wanting cooked food that is delicious.
But if you are sick and on the verge with living try it.

So many people got cured. I believe in it, but I was not suffering enough. Diseases were not killing me enough so I gave up. But if you are desperate try it. It might save you.