Raw Food Story From VeganBob Australia

A friend from Australia who is vegan raw foodist has send me some pictures from the raw food restaurant in Thailand. I was shocked that they have a raw food restaurant there. I am also eating at least 60 % raw diet and I feel very good. He told me he has som much energy since he is on raw foor and his strenght has increased. So I’ll let him speak:

They say “from the worst comes the best, but only if we choose to see it that way”.I found the raw vegan lifestyle after many years of doctors appointments and getting drugged to suppress the symptoms and ignoring the true cause. Enough was enough. I had seen my girlfriends mother go through the cancer industry. I was not going to go the same way. I concluded that if I want something different, I have to take different actions. cause if I keep doing what everyone else was doing, id get what everyone else was getting.

Being sick of IBS, asthma, chronic fatigue,b12 deficient, acne, hay fever, allergies, unstable emotions from being sick, and finally a leukemia like blood condition. and being told all the time , it was just bad luck and genetics. “Here take these pills and come back next week..”

I decided to stop talking health advice from sick looking people. who were sincere, but in my opinion , sincerely wrong. I met a super healthy, vibrant man. everything he said was against what I had learnt at school, tv or what the doc said. but for the first time in my life, someone gave me health advice that vibed with my heart and common sense! eureka! As a lifelong animal lover, i always felt bad for eating them or keeping them penned and drugged for milk, eggs etc.

Straight away i decreased my animal products and tried some fresh veggies and fruit juice. Pow! my energy soared. My bleak outlook on life melted and reformed into a magnificent view of the world. A week later, I became vegan and experienced 90% improvement. I went from sleeping all day to being to excited about life to sleep! i started racing bicycles and running marathons. I ate fruit only for breakfast and had cooked food for lunch and dinner. when I wanted the best from my body I choose fruit.

Then I picked up a book about raw food. I had heard about raw food in an article a year before. that was the seed and finding this book was the watering can. I read the book overnight. it provided me with such profound truth, I had to take action. as the past year of veganism and high fruit had given me the headspace and clarity to take the next step.

So i went 100% raw for a week , finished 1st in the state 24 hour solo mountain bike champs and had smashed my views on cooked food forever. the next day I was really hungry from the race. so I ‘treated’ myself to a big feed of rice and veg. I was so bloated I almost called in sick. I couldn’t believe I felt more tired from a ‘balanced’ meal than I had from winning a 24 hour bike race…

This lead me to research more and more. even though my heart said raw, I couldn’t find any other raw athletes , so I still ate some cooked food on occasion. Just to be sure I was getting enough. The more raw I ate, the better I felt. Soon I was down to a few cooked meals a month. and I ALWAYS felt terrible afterwards, no matter how good it tasted.

I still couldn’t find anyone doing the miles I was doing on raw. so I stopped looking for an ultra endurance vegan athlete example and decided to BE ONE!!. Eventually I associated more pain than pleasure to cooked food. This was a personal conclusion based on my own beliefs. Now I can honestly say i have emotionally, spiritually and physically detached from cooked foods.

Now I am 100% raw vegan, I experience 100% health. I no longer fear sickness. Sickness fears me!

I eat as much variety as I can find. I ve become a gourmet fruit lover. I search the globe for the best tasting and most mineralised raw plant foods. 99.99999999% of the food on the planet is raw plant food. We can eat a different fruit everyday of our life and still not have all the fruits in the world!

Ever heard of chumapdak, rollinia, atomoya, ice cream bean, white sapote, rosehip, white chateau mullberries, beach cherries, soursop, merang, inga bean….

Today I ate tree ripened durian in a durian orchard in eastern Thailand. I listened to the birds sing, watched the ants socialize and enjoyed the ambience that only raw veganism provides.

As an athlete I have experienced massive increase in endurance, strength, heat tolerance, agility. vo2 max went from 67 to 78. I ride up to 515km in a day and solo! I did a race in France that was 1243km in 51;30 with 40 minutes sleep and on raw.

I can and often do talk all day and night about the benefits of raw veganism!

Its like explaining what a rose smells like to someone whom has never seen a rose…

only you can decide your path in life.

Never before in human history has raw foods been easier.

Its the most logical, spiritual, sane, humane, ecological, loving, nutritional, sustainable way for humans to eat.

What sounds like more fun? Hunting for scared animals or hunting wild fruits in your local forest, park, jungle, beach or backyard!

Chopping up carcasses or chopping up veggies to put on a family sized raw pizza!

Checking the milk used by date or checking the expressions on your friends and families face when they taste your cheesecake that is vegan and RAW!!

We are what we eat.

Get vibrantly vegietised!, get fruit fueled! Get nuts about life!

“Every disciplined effort is met with multiple reward.”

This is no dress rehersal. This is it. Lets raw’k n roll!

No down time, no free time, no spare time, no next time..

Just life time!

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