Raw Food Diary July 2006

Well, few months has passed that I wrote my last Diary about my raw food Journey. Well I am still eating raw, but not most of the time. I eat fruit every day, and every other day i eat also cooked food, mostly rice with vegetables, rice noodles or wheat noodles.

Let me tell you why I stopped being on raw food all teh time. My teeth were the reason. The enamel became really breakable, and it was chipping of, especially if I ate acidic food like oranges, grapefruit, vinegar. Well I became very scared. I was trying to wash my teeth every time after each meal, it helped a little but the enamel was still chipping off. Then I read that the toothpaste might be the reason and that we should not use the toothpaste because of harsh chemicals. Well I read that the usual soap can replace the toothpaste. So I was using soap instead of toothpaste. And it did not work. My teeth became yellow, like they had tartar on them. And I was really scared. I though I was developing caries but wiping the teeth with a cotton cloth prove me wrong. The teeth were coated with yellow substance, and using brush dipped in soap did not help. So I switched back to my toothpaste and the teeth became white again. I am not using soap ever again for cleaning teeth. It was a stupid article that I found on the other site and I thought it was real. Well it is not.

But I must say that raw food did not gave me any caries on my teeth. The teeth are white and the a visit to my dentist is not required. But the enamel became weak and was chipping off. I am also taking supplements with calcium and magnesium and Zinc and the chipping stopped I think.

Too bad that the teeth are not prepared for 100 % raw food. I still have raw food days and I have so much more energy on those days. I can work all day and night and I am not tired.

I am still figuring out the way to be on raw food diet and to have perfect teeth.