Raw Food Diary February 2006

13. Feb 2006

Still eating raw most of my time. But I decided if i want to eat something cooked i will eat that. I think it is important not to exaggerate. So I eat one cooked meal per week. This week I lost 2 kilos I think. I had to buy new trousers for me. But I think I can throw them away, because they do not fit me anymore. They were expensive one, over 100 bucks.

As I said I ate one cooked meal. It was some rice with peas, added curcuma, salt and basil. It was good but I felt like it doesn’t taste raw, I can feel it was all heated and stuff. I didn’t get any strong side effects, only a little nasal congestion, had to blow my nose a lot. Also yesterday I measured my pulse and it was 60 bpm. That was the lowest readings since I remember – I think few years. Sometimes I am dizzy but that might be because of the toxin elimination from the body. Also I started to ate garlic and onion. I never felt that they taste so good. I always got aftertaste before for whole day but now I do not feel anything.

What else. I saw myself in the mirror and I look more fit and pretty. All the fat is melting away slowly. I think I need much less sleep. I am not tired so much. Also I can really work a lot behind my computer.

Keep you posted.