Lately I am watching so much videos on youtube about MMS, that is jsut basically a chlorine dioxide that is used in mouthwashes for over 10 years. Now it is said it is a miracle drug and everything. I think this is just a big BS, it might help but not so much as they claim. Come one, curing cancer, AIDS, why there are no vidoes on youtube of people cured by MMS. And I hate this name MMS, are you joking me. That old guy Jim that said he invented the solution, he is selling an ebook for 20 bucks. And all he talks about are the cures performed in Africa, and you know how these labs can be biased. I think it is all about the money. He says he cured thousands of people with chlorine dioxide.

And in this video the spanish woman is telling a story about her daughter and you can see how she is looking to the right all the tiem with her eyes. In NLP when people look to the right they are accessing visually constructed Images, so that are basicall lies, and she is looking in the right direction several times. Nlp explains that she is not telling the truth and this is almost 100 % made up story and scam. She is also smiling, like she just is not taliing seriously. I think people will do everything for the money, it might help but this stuff is definately not a cure for all diseases if you ask me, no way!!! Check the woman in this video, she claims how MMS is effective and also read some onfo about NLP and eye movement here