Lac Caninum Once Saved My Life

I was a huge fan of homeopathy. Years ago I went to the Homeopath because I had strong pain in my stomach. Homeopath asked me some questions and I of course tell him that I had problem with parents, and that my mother never loved me. I was also very nervous and the pain in my stomach was killing me.

He just gave me a small globule of Lac Caninum I think it was 200 potency and my pain immediately went away. I felt that empty feeling in my stomach was gone.

Let me explain what Lac Caninum is. It is dog milk, the doctor said he gave me dogs milk because he feels the lack of love from my mother could be neutralized by unconditional dog milk medicine. I was freaking out, I could not believe it.

But it worked and I became a huge fan of homeopathy. Let me tell you the pain was constant, horrible, and that small globule of Dog’s milk cured it.

Homeopathy works on energetic level, something that doctors can’t understand. It was not a case of positive thinking. No, because I did not believe this small globule soaked in alcohol tincture of Lac Caninum homeopathic medicine can cure me.

I felt amazing, I felt full, I did not need love from my mother to fill that empty void.

Homeopathy is awesome, it isn’t a cure for everything, especially for chronic cases but with acute it helps in most cases. So don’t wait till your disease progress into chronic, act now. Homeopathy might save your life.

The disease manifest itself first on the mental level, that it appears in psychical body.
Like for my case I experienced myself the nervousness from my mother abuse and love I never got from her caused pain in my stomach.

I have studies so many books, I even wanted to become homeopath, but I did not have a doctors license. I think that is a shame, there might be so many good homeopaths who are not doctors and they cant become what they want.

I experimented with many different CM potencies of homeopathy, for example Sulphur made me grounded, this means I was not seeking solution in spiritual world, like a spiritual maniac, I could relax and did not feel the urge to constant obsess with religion.

When I was a teenager I wanted to run to Tibet and become a monk, I thought reaching nirvana is the only way to go and that Buda’s way is the only way. After taking Sulphur I did not obsess with that idea anymore.

For example Calcarea Carbonica helped me give love to others. Other people felt good around me, it opened my energy levels, and I felt I could love other people without they loving me back.

Then Silicea gave me courage and stamina. I tried many different major homeopathic medicines, I wanted to see how they act on mental level. And I have never experienced any side effects, like I said I experimented with high CM potencies that are not recommended to take like candy.

Globules was my Cocaine, I was an addict, but in a good way with no side effects.

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