Is Mercola just an old greedy spammer?

I used to visit his site all the time, but now not anymore, I am sure all he wants to do is to earn and steal money from people, he promotes only products that he gets payed for, he even plug another marketer techniques how to squeeze every dollar out of his site.

Is hej ust an ugly old spammer? I am afraid so, let me tell you why I think so.
He published many times his thoughts on eating raw food.

HE SAYS FRUIT WILL MAKE YOU FAT; GIVE YOU DIABETES, AND IS ON AVERAGE NOT GOOD FOR YOUR BODY, at the same time he promotes eating meat all the time.

How can he represent healthy lifestyle, he looks like an old wrinkled man, with no energy and he will teach me not to eat fruit and raw vegetables, because they make you fat.

Have you idiot see raw people, how fit they are, most of them got rid of all the diseases, cancers, pains, feel blissful and super healthy and I don’t see any fat on them, just super toned body and then you come you old disgusting man and just try to make people believe that fruit is bad for you.

I know selling fruit on your site will not get you any money, that is why you don’t want to promote it you sick bastard.

I am shouting through my site to all people to stop visiting that pricks site. I really do. Raw food is the most effective way in getting rid of diseases, it is very tough diet, but it saved many lives in the past.

So stop spreading lies you moron, I am sick of you!!!!

And check the youtube on his youtube mercola blog, all of his videos have comments disabled, because he gets so many negative responses. You are just a sellout.