EFT – Step 4 The Sequence (again) and The Reminder Phrase

The fourth…and last…ingredient in The Basic Recipe was mentioned above. It is an identical trip through The Sequence. Once memorized, The Basic Recipe becomes a lifetime friend. It can be applied to an almost endless list of emotional and physical problems and provides relief from most of them. However, there’s one more concept we need to develop before we can apply The Basic Recipe to a given problem. It’s called the Reminder Phrase.

The Reminder Phrase

When a football quarterback throws a pass he aims it at a particular receiver. He doesn’t just throw the ball in the air and hope someone will catch it. Likewise, The Basic Recipe needs to be aimed at a specific problem. Otherwise, it will bounce around aimlessly with little or no effect.

You “aim” The Basic Recipe by applying it while “tuned in” to the problem from which you want relief. This tells your system which problem needs to be the receiver.

Remember the discovery statement which states… “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”

Negative emotions come about because you are tuned into certain thoughts or circumstances which, in turn, cause your energy system to disrupt. Otherwise, you function normally. One’s fear of heights is not present, for example, while one is reading the comic section of the Sunday newspaper (and therefore not tuned in to the problem).

Tuning in to a problem can be done by simply thinking about it. In fact, tuning in means thinking about it. Thinking about the problem will bring about the energy disruptions involved which then….and only then….can be balanced by applying The Basic Recipe.

Without tuning in to the problem….thereby creating those energy disruptions….The Basic Recipe does nothing. Tuning in is seemingly a very simple process. You merely think about the problem while applying The Basic Recipe. That’s it….at least in theory.

However, you may find it a bit difficult to consciously think about the problem while you are tapping, humming, counting, etc. That’s why I’m introducing a Reminder Phrase that you can repeat continually while you are performing The Basic Recipe.

The Reminder Phrase is simply a word or short phrase that describes the problem and that you repeat out loud each time you tap one of the points in The Sequence. In this way you continually “remind” your system about the problem you are working on.

The best Reminder Phrase to use is usually identical to what you choose for the affirmation you use in The Setup. For example, if you are working on a fear of public speaking, The Setup affirmation would go like this….

Even though I have this fear of public speaking, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Within this affirmation, the underlined words….fear of public speaking….are ideal candidates for use as the Reminder Phrase.

You may notice that Adrienne and I sometimes use a bit shorter version of this Reminder Phrase when dealing with people on the tapes included with this course. We might, for example, use “public speaking fear” or just “public speaking” instead of the somewhat longer version above.

That’s just one of the shortcuts we have grown accustomed to after years of experience with these techniques. For your purposes, however, you can simplify your life by just using the identical words for the Reminder Phrase as you use for the affirmation in The Setup. That way you will minimize any possibility for error.

Now here’s an interesting point that you will most certainly notice on the audiotapes and some of the videos. When Adrienne and I are helping people with EFT we don’t always have them repeat a Reminder Phrase. That’s because we have discovered over time that simply stating the affirmation during The Setup is usually sufficient to “tune in” to the problem at hand. The subconscious mind usually locks on to the problem throughout The Basic Recipe even though all the tapping, humming, counting, etc. would seem to be distracting.

But this is not always true and, with our extensive training and experience, we are able to recognize whether or not using the Reminder Phrase is necessary. As stated, it is not usually necessary but…. when it is necessary it is really necessary and must be used .

What’s beautiful about EFT is that you don’t need to have our experience in this regard.

You don’t have to be able to figure out whether or not the Reminder Phrase is necessary. You can just assume it is always necessary and thereby assure yourself of always being tuned in to the problem by simply repeating the Reminder Phrase as instructed. It does no harm to repeat the Reminder Phrase when it is not necessary and will serve as an invaluable tool when it is.

This is part of the 100% overhaul concept mentioned earlier. We do many things in each round of The Basic Recipe that may not be necessary for a given problem. But when a particular part of The Basic Recipe is necessary… it is absolutely critical.

It does no harm to include everything…even what may be unnecessary…and it only takes 1minute per round. This includes always repeating the Reminder Phrase each time you tap a point during The Sequence. It costs nothing to include it….not even time….because it can be repeated within the same time it takes to tap each energy point 7 times.

This concept about the Reminder Phrase is an easy one. But just to be complete, I am including a few samples below:


**anger towards my father

**war memory

**stiffness in my neck


**craving for alcohol

**fear of snakes


Subsequent Round Adjustments

Let’s say you are using The Basic Recipe for some problem (fear, headache, anger, etc.).

Sometimes the problem will simply vanish after just one round while, at other times, one round provides only partial relief. When only partial relief is obtained, you will need to do one or more additional rounds.

Those subsequent rounds need to be adjusted slightly for best results. Here’s why: One of the main reasons why the first round doesn’t always completely eliminate a problem is because of the re-emergence of Psychological Reversal…that interfering blockage that

The Setup is designed to correct. This time, Psychological Reversal shows up in a somewhat different form. Instead of blocking your progress altogether it now blocks any remaining progress. You have already made some headway but become stopped part way toward complete relief because Psychological Reversal enters in a manner that keeps you from getting any better still.

Since the subconscious mind tends to be very literal, the subsequent rounds of The Basic Recipe need to address the fact that you are working on the remaining problem . Accordingly, the affirmation contained within The Setup needs to be adjusted as

does the Reminder Phrase. Here’s the adjusted format for The Setup affirmation:

Even though I still have some of this __________, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Please note the emphasized words ( still & some ) and how they change the thrust of the affirmation toward the remainder of the problem. It should be easy to make this adjustment and, after a little experience, you will fall into it quite naturally.Study the adjusted affirmations below. They reflect adjustments to the original affirmations shown earlier in this section.

**Even though I still have some of this fear of public speaking, I deeply and completely accept myself.

**Even though I still have some of this headache, I deeply and completely accept myself.

**Even though I still have some of this anger towards my father, I deeply and completely accept myself.

**Even though I still have some of this war memory, I deeply and completely accept myself.

**Even though I still have some of this stiffness in my neck, I deeply and completely accept myself.

**Even though I still have some of these nightmares, I deeply and completely accept myself.

**Even though I still have some of this craving for alcohol, I deeply and completely accept myself.

**Even though I still have some of this fear of snakes, I deeply and completely accept myself.

**Even though I still have some of this depression, I deeply and completely accept myself.

The Reminder Phrase is also easily adjusted. Just put the word remaining before the previously used phrase. Here, as examples, are adjusted versions of the previous Reminder Phrases.

**remaining headache

**remaining anger towards my father

**remaining war memory

**remaining stiffness in my neck

**remaining nightmares

**remaining craving for alcohol

**remaining fear of snakes

**remaining depression

This completes the features of The Basic Recipe. You now need two things to be effective with it. You need to memorize it and you need a few tips on how to apply it . Those tips are in next article.