EFT – Step 3 The 9 Gamut Procedure

The 9 Gamut Procedure is, perhaps, the most bizarre looking process within EFT. Its purpose is to “fine tune” the brain and it does so via some eye movements and some humming and counting. Through connecting nerves, certain parts of the brain are stimulated when the eyes are moved. Likewise the right side of the brain (the creative side) is engaged when you hum a song and the left side (the digital side) is engaged when you count.
The 9 Gamut Procedure is a 10 second process wherein 9 of these “brain stimulating” actions are performed while continuously tapping on one of the body’s energy oints…..the Gamut point. It has been found, after years of experience, that this routine can add efficiency to EFT and hastens your progress towards emotional freedom….especially when sandwiched between 2 trips through The Sequence.

One way to help memorize The Basic Recipe is to look at it as though it was a sandwich. The Setup is the preparation for the sandwich and the sandwich itself consists of two slices of bread (The Sequence) with the cheese, or middle portion, as the 9 Gamut Procedure. It looks like this…

The Sandwich

The Setup

The Sequence (Bread)

9 Gamut (Tofu)
The Sequence (Bread)

To do the 9 Gamut Procedure, you must first locate the Gamut point. It is on the back of either hand and is 1/2 inch behind the midpoint between the knuckles at the base of the ring finger and the little finger. If you draw an imaginary line between the knuckles at the base of the ring finger and little finger and consider that line to be the base of an equilateral triangle whose other sides converge to a point (apex) in the direction of the wrist, then the gamut point would be located at the apex of the triangle.

Next, you must perform 9 different actions while tapping the Gamut point continuously.

The 9 Gamut actions are:

1. Eyes closed.

2. Eyes open.

3. Eyes hard down right while holding the head steady.

4. Eyes hard down left while holding the head steady.

5. Roll eyes in a circle as though your nose was at the center of a clock and you were trying to see all the numbers in order.

6. Same as #5 only reverse the direction in which you roll your eyes.

7. Hum 2 seconds of a song (suggest Happy Birthday).

8. Count rapidly from 1 to 5.

9. Hum 2 seconds of a song again.

Note that these 9 actions are presented in a certain order and I suggest that you memorize them in the order given. However, you can mix the order up if you wish so long as you do all 9 of them…. and ….you perform 7, 8 and 9 as a unit.

That is, you hum 2 seconds of a song…then count…then hum the song again, in that order.

Years of experience have proven this to be important. Also, note that for some people humming Happy Birthday causes resistance because it brings up memories of unhappy birthdays. In this case, you can either use EFT on those unhappy memories and resolve them…or…you can side step this issue for now by having them hum some other song.